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PokerStrategy.com is the leading online poker community with over 6 million members and hundreds of professional poker coaches worldwide. Our goal is to tell people about poker: a challenging game of strategy and fun. 700 full time employees and freelancers and a forum with 20,000 daily posts in 19 languages make PokerStrategy.com the most innovative and vivid poker community in the world.

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About Poker Channel

The Poker Channel is Europe’s largest dedicated gaming TV network and is available to a global audience of more than 30 million cable and satellite homes in Europe and Latin America.

The Channel broadcasts the most popular tournaments in the world including the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, European Poker Tour and High Stakes poker. The Poker Channel is committed to improving the game play of its dedicated audience, and also features instructional shows, news updates, documentaries, tournament reports and player interviews on a daily basis.

With poker broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The Poker Channel attracts well over 2million unique viewers per month and is widely regarded as offering a truly fantastic viewer experience when it comes to watching poker programming either on TV or online.

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Frequently asked questions
  • How do I get my free poker money?

    It’s simple: sign up and pass a quiz on one of our beginner strategies.

  • Is the quiz hard?

    All the answers can be found in our beginner article and videos. Read the article and start the quiz. If you can’t remember an answer, just look it up during the quiz. And even if you fail the first time, you can try again.

  • I’ve never played poker before. Can I still pass the quiz?

    Yes. You’ll learn the rules of the game and a simple beginner’s strategy. You won’t need to know more to pass the quiz and get your free poker money.

  • Is PokerStrategy.com really for free?


  • How is PokerStrategy.com free?

    As a partner of all major poker rooms, PokerStrategy.com makes money exclusively by advertising for them. With their help, we are able to offer our services and your free poker money.

  • I have more questions. Where can I get the answers?

    You can ask your questions either publicly in our forums or contact our customer support service. Our staff and members are happy to assist you.