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Here at PokerStrategy.com, we believe online poker belongs to eSports. Whoever loves competitive games will love both poker and the big eSports titles.

That’s why, being the world’s biggest poker school and community, we are passionate about eSports. We were founded by a former StarCraft player – and our mission is to make you a better poker player.

Find out about our exciting eSports activities – and why we are the right place if you want to have a look into online poker! Find out what we offer to passionate eSports fans!

TeamLiquid StarLeague

After sponsoring already the TSL2, we did not hesitate to also put ourselves behind TeamLiquid StarLeague 3, the epic event that saw ThorZain beat NaNiwa in the finals.


PokerStrategy.com-sponsored StarCraft Tournaments

PokerStrategy.com League

  • 9 of the world's best players
  • 360 maps in a full league system
  • $8,900 total prize pool


All information about our eSports events can be found here.

Poker & eSports – what’s the connection?

Online Poker is a real-time strategy game that needs a lot of skill and passion from a player to succeed. It’s not by accident that so many of the world’s best poker players have a background in eSports.

Free Poker Money

You can use your gaming skills just as many other former eSports professionals and learn Poker with us. We give you free poker money to start if you succeed in our quiz.


If you are curious, just take a look:


6 Reasons why Poker is so similar to StarCraft:


You’re an ambitious StarCraft Team or Player and want to get sponsored?

We are convinced that every ambitious and hard-working team and player with a decent track record deserves a chance. Contact us to find out what we can offer to you: hannes.hanusch@pokerstrategy.com


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