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    • Tiltberger
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      Professional Judge
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      i like it!
      the turns is a really good card for you and i see def. some better hands folding here!
      + value vs fds ;)

      pre -> i think i would just flat against most tighter players. just against really lose fishy players i 3bet/call in this spot and probably a little bit smaller ip -> 1,8k or something like that!
    • M0na1isa
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      I believe AQ is way overrated. Specially in tournaments. I would never repop with AQs in that stage of a MTT. Most of the time I'd fold it even if there's even a flat call before me. I'm not a rock but bleeding in tournaments is a common problem for most of the players. I'm not saying you should stop playing AQ altogether but I believe at that stage of the tournament you should've folded preflop. But you should keep your hands history and check your AQ status. I believe if you keep playing it like this it would be negative for sure.

      The way you played, preflop, when u get a call best case would be against a pair or AK.
      And on the turn, even if the guy isn't just being careful with AK or slow rolling a made hand, you had about %30. So I believe should've checked on the turn and seen the river for free. If made your flush he's gonna call you anyway cause he won't put you on a flush draw on the turn. If not, you're not winning the hand and he ain't going anywhere.

      Then again, if would've been me I would've folded preflop. But if I was deep and wanted to put pressure and reraised preflop, then betting on the flop would not be a good idea. Cause usually running against AK or a pair which would be really hard to push him out of the hand on the flop. And on the turn, not so many outs, might even drawing dead.
    • jackinbeat
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      My thoughts are basically flat pre, never folding AQs here for a small raise, unless he's super tight in early position, wouldn't want to raise, although you do have position, so if you do raise, I'd make it smaller.

      Flop i check back. Turn if they check, i'd bet maybe 1025, a bit over 1/3 of pot, and call a raise depending on player and sizing. If calls might be tempted to fire again, although might check behind, again player dependant.

      Don't want to go broke with AQ, I've learnt that lesson the painful way.

      Would be interested to know what you think of my play, have many hand histories of my own to post, just find that some already posted seem better for analysis, how do you pick a good hand to post?
    • NutzAreOk
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      You are only 32bb effective here so I would always flat this IP. No matter if opener is tight or loose player. Way too weak to fold AQs pre.

      Way you have played this hand, maybe 1/3 pot cbet on the flop would be better and just give up on turn if villain does not fold (unless your hand improves). If you hit the ace on the turn, you have to play really carefully. I would take a free card and checkback turn.

      e. Ofc you can 3bet here vs loose villain but if you don`t want to go broke here pre, flat.