14 Mar 12

Daniel Negreanu Interview: Full Tilt, Erick Lindgren and Why He Speaks Up

We spoke to Daniel Negreanu in Las Vegas yesterday and chatted with him about a range of topics, from the Epic Poker League to Erick Lindgren and his role as poker's "voice of the people".

Daniel Negreanu
Negreanu's "Weekly Rant" video blogs
have been popular in the poker world.
Daniel Negreanu is never one to stay out of the headlines for long, whether it is because of his prowess at the table - both in the live arena and online - or because of his prowess as a poker ambassador.

Negreanu has never been afraid to speak his mind and his "Weekly Rant" video  blogs have not bucked that trend. In recent weeks, Negreanu has shared his - often negative - thoughts on Howard Lederer and Full Tilt Poker as well as Annie Duke and the Epic Poker League.

We caught up with Daniel yesterday in Las Vegas to talk with him about his de facto place as poker's ambassador, Erick Lindgren's financial troubles and our recent Ray Bitar interview.

One thing is certain: when Negreanu has a microphone, there is never a dull moment and this is no different.

This interview was conducted by Tobias " samagain" Block