Full Tilt Poker Deal Signed; Exclusive Statement Here

Groupe Bernard Tapie has signed a deal with the United States Department of Justice to acquire Full Tilt Poker's assets. Find out more.

The long-awaited deal for Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT) to take over Full Tilt Poker has been signed. The deal is between GBT and the United States Department of Justice (DOJ), and it includes some form of repayment for all players who formerly held Full Tilt accounts. GBT has agreed to pay $80 million for the assets formerly owned by Full Tilt.

Full Tilt Poker Exclusive Statement to PokerStrategy.com

The following statement was sent to PokerStrategy.com from Full Tilt Poker:

Full Tilt Poker is pleased that the terms of the agreement between Groupe Bernard Tapie (GBT) and the Department of Justice have been finalized, and that the agreement provides for GBT to repay or make whole players outside of the United States and for the Department of Justice to permit United States players to request compensation out of the forfeited funds. Since Black Friday, repaying customers has been FTP’s number one priority.

Ray Bitar, co-Founder of Full Tilt Poker stated: “I am extremely pleased with the efforts of the Department of Justice, and the Groupe Bernard Tapie corporation, and appreciate their continued dedication in  working towards a mutually beneficial agreement that will facilitate repayment of the players ."

Now that the agreement with DOJ has been reached, GBT and Full Tilt Poker will now turn to memorializing the final terms of their agreement, to bring this matter to a complete resolution as soon as possible. 

Full Tilt Poker would like to thank all its customers for their continued patience since Black Friday and during this negotiation process.

Lawyers from Both Sides Comment

In order to better understand the situation at hand, PokerStrategy.com asked Behn Dayanim and Jeff Ifrah for their thoughts on the deal.

Behn Dayanim, an attorney for Groupe Bernard Tapie, confirmed that "A letter of agreement with the DOJ has been executed. It states that in the event that the Full Tilt companies consent to a forfeiture of their assets, GBT will purchase those assets. This is the first major step in the process of a sale; the next steps include Full Tilt consenting to the forfeiture and a definitive final agreement with the DOJ."

Jeff Ifrah, a lawyer associated with Full Tilt, explained that "The deal is clearly historic. It's an incredible achievement. A lot of thanks and gratitude are owed to both GBT and the DOJ. Clearly there remain a lot of questions on the logistics of a sale, including when players will get paid, how they'll file claims, and when Full Tilt will become operational. I hope I can help obtain answers to those questions quickly, and make information available to players as soon as possible."

PokerStrategy.com will continue to keep you informed with updates on this story as they become available. 

by Matt Kaufman

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    whoooooooooooo hoooooooooo!!!!!!
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    champagne showers :D :D
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    when they can be the room?
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    go!! very nice breaking news!
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    party rock is in the house tonight!!!
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    yea i got my 50 dollar :D
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    There's no party @ Party Poker :)
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    I just want the stuff i bought on Full Tilt Store in February...
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    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT :D :D :D This could be a good day :)
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    All righty, good news after a crappy day!!
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    one time
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    I just want my fulltilt account to be tracked on PS.

    Wishful thinking.
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    When FT comes back, is my tracked account still tracked?
    and yea, parteeyyy
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    sweet ^^
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    party rock is when I get my money back
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    I'm just going to sleep, this is like the best good night ever...
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    @19, that's not enough...

    Bernard Tapie for Pope!!!
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    If i play on Full Tilt Poker soon, I cum my pants
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    Rollcoaster on the way down to the end?

    It'll be interesting to see what the repayment proposal/s is/are and ofc the timeframe to get back into it. Ironman status reinstated and I'm insta returning.
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    @26 lol tfsantos
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    "... and includes some form of repayment"
    hope they won't do anything stupid...
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    cant wait to play rush again!!
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    no waaaaay i cant believe it the nightmare is over at last!!!!
    This cant get stopped or fcked up now can it? now it's not if but only when we'll get ftp back?
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    I'm going to hug the next french person i see and tell them how much i love there people!
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    Look what can happen when you have 80000 "One time!" at once!
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    Viva La France!
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    I love Tapie ♥ :-D
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    Cool! I can play again. It has been a long time ... since ...
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    Lets see the statement first
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    damm sounds good!!! but this worrys me-----------> includes some form of repayment for all players who formerly held Full Tilt accounts. some form i want my whole bankroll back =)
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    Cool, lets see how long actually getting the money will take though =)
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    i would think they would want it up and running asap. before new year maybe?

    now i've got two small BRs :)
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    please let me track to pokerstrategy now! :)
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    #43 1st January I heard ^^
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    Mr Boombastic !
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    Wonderful news! I hope it's not too long before they get up and running. Then we'll see how loyal everyone has become to their new sites... :)
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    too da fullest!!!!
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    yupi xD
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    so when will be online , it will be ?:D
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    #27 Calm down son
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    jizz in my bankrol
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    I want that Tapie touch me like the lovers do
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    #9 LOL'd so hard
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    New episode of Full tilt drama series :

    Christmas gift for poker players around the world in advance
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    Question I have is: 'Why did all this shit happen in the first place? politics? confused dot com but im Brtish
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    This is great
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    woooow ... great, great, great :)))))
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    Nice news to start the weekend with!
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    Damn my 21st birthday just got from awesome to legendary :)))
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    go go go GBT!!!
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    WINNN <3 omg so much happy tears :D
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    Nice news :)
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    I just got my life back.
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    My head is going to explode with all those hours I'm going to spend with rush :) ONE TIME is here guys!
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    My first ONE TIME!!! Tapie please dont screw it!!!
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    One time!!!!
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    Finally : )
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    lets hope we get paid 1$ per $ and not some shady deal!!!
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    Omg... What a bad joke!
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    Happy new Full Tilt year!!! :)))
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    Fantastic news :)
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    Feeling a 24hr session the day there back online :)
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    @78 +1

    And will be back at running towards Black Member again.
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    any word on when they'll start up???
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    best scenario would be if things just continued to go as before, meaning people still have their tracked accounts and bankrolls *fingers crossed*
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    "One time!" really does work, I guess. I'm gonna play Rush Poker until I throw up!
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    see you again! do
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    I just don't believe it. Something will go wrong. I'd wager we don't get our rolls back at least until february next year, and that's IF we get them back.
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    #84 you def won't get your whole roll (if you have a big one) until february next year. That's almost for sure

    Still better to believe you get it sometimes
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    so when can wee play again?
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    Without assurances the FTP will honour all Non-US accounts they will be unable to offer new customers bonuses or rakebacks. I recommend that they offer bonuses to existing account holders not to withdraw their funds immediately, perhaps for a period of 6 months. That way they can maintain their client base
    and encourage new players. After all GBT will want to run FTP as an ongoing business.