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In the low limits it is not so important to develop specific “reads” on each opponent in order to precisely analyse them. Chances are, you will never see them again after the game. However, it is important to know which basic player types there are and which counter strategies to use against them. This is what this video will show you. If after seeing this video you have any questions.. please ask.


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    füüüüüüüüüüürst super cool
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    warum sehe ich das video nicht, kann mir jemand helfen!!!
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    sooo ein süßer donkey ^^

    very good content
    must see 4 beginner
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    ehhh yes, donkeys can annoy a lot!
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    Excelente vídeo!
    Dentro dos vídeos deste género, este foi o mais engraçado que vi! Cheguei a rir-me com a definição de "maniac", chamando-lhe o "James Dean da mesa": lol lol
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    No questions anybody?:-)
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    SO ...

    tight and agressive are TAG ,weak tight player

    tight and passsive are Rock ,Nit

    loose and aggressive are LAG , maniac

    loose and passive are calling station , donkey(he is agressive when on tilt)

    is this correct ?
    i dont find it easy to spot what type of player are they...especially the tight ones... any tips?
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    Hi Benecore,

    If you are having trouble making "reads" on your opponents, use the Elephant programme.

    It is really easy to use and will flag up stats on your opponents and their player types. You can also save your hand histories and paste them into our hand evaluation forum for one of our experts to see and comment on.

    Here is the link:

    I hope that helps.
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    I really liked the jokes, the accent/voice and the overall presentation.

    That's a really nice and informative video.
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    Yay for the Donkeys :oD
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    Interesting...but the hand chart suggests only playing those hands. I've done this to very good success for the last week. If you're going to start reading players aren't you going to go off the chart though?
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    Luv'n this...
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    Great breakdown of the different player types, I enjoyed it
    ps. I hate donkeys lol
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    i am a donkey. this video have show me i have been donkey. thankyou
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    This video is damn goooood!
    Now i classify u all !
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    Luv this article !
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    Im a nit. A nitty nitty nit who cant fold...
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    is englhishh...!!! i am speak spanish...!!!
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    no havia en ESPAÑOL!!!
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    no habia en ESPAÑOL
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    lmao at the Rock type and the way LGrant reads out the God part
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    Can somebody give and example on how a typical nit and weak tight player, plays?
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    Extremely helpful video i am kinda a nit myself but now i can work on it and improve my playing strategy :).
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    y porq cojones este está en inglés?
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    docela uzitecny