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By registering at, you get beginner status and access to all our beginners' strategies, lots of articles, videos and forums. However, to access advanced content, you'll need a higher status.

You can get this higher status by earning a certain number of points at our partner rooms. Or, you can buy points, quickly and easily in our points shop.

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More information about the status offers:

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How to buy your points and status

You can get to the points shop via the main navigation bar by clicking "Buy Points". You'll also find the option to buy points underneath any content you can't see because you don't have the necessary status.

Points shopStep 1: Choose the right package

In the points shop you can choose between packages, each of which give you a different amount of points every month.

The packages are named so you can easily tell which package gives you which status (at the minimum). With the Silver package, for example, you'll get Silver status at the very least, every month.

What's more, you can choose how long your package runs for, either 1 or 12 months. Prices shown are the monthly prices.

Your orderStep 2: Confirm the order

As soon as you've decided on a package, click the "Buy now" button. A window will open with the Terms & Conditions, which you'll need to accept.

You should also activate automatic renewal for the package. This means that after the 1 or 12 month period is up, the package will be automatically renewed and you won't lose your status.

Click the button "Continue".

Skrill paymentStep 3: Pay via credit card, bank transfer, Skrill, PayPal, TaF balance...

You can pay in the shop via credit card, bank transfer, your Skrill or PayPal accounts, your TaF balance and a few other methods.

You can use Skrill or PayPal as a "payment provider" to complete the transaction. However, that doesn't mean you need a Skrill or PayPal account.

You can also pay via credit card, bank transfer and other methods. Skrill and PayPal simply ensure the payment is processed correctly.

After you've chosen your package with us you'll be taken to the Skrill or PayPal website. You can log into your account and pay or pay using a different method, as mentioned.

SubscriptionStep 4: Get your first points directly

After completing the payment you'll be forwarded to our page again. You should also have received your first points by then and be able to call up the content for your new status.

Note: the package begins routinely on the first day of the next month. You'll also receive the status you've earned for the current month. If you purchase a 1-month Gold package on 2nd January, you have Gold status for February. You'll also receive points directly and keep Gold status for the remainder of January.

Asynchronous payment: if you've chosen an "asynchronous" payment method (such as bank transfer), you'll receive a "Payment pending" message. In this case, you need to complete the bank transfer before you can continue. You can read more about what this message means in the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

How to upgrade your status

An upgrade gives you more for less money

If your active points package isn't enough, you can simply upgrade to a higher points package and even save money in the process. You can find out just how much you'll save by going to the points shop via the "Buy Points" button on the main navigation bar.

How the upgrade works

In principle, an upgrade works like a normal purchase. Find the package you want to upgrade to and click "Buy now". The checkout window will appear and you can select your preferred payment method.

As soon as the payment is completed, your old points package will be cancelled and you'll receive points directly from your new package.

The same rule applies here: the package begins routinely on the first day of the next month. You'll also receive the status you've earned for the current month. If you purchase a 1-month Gold package on 2nd January, you have Gold status for February. You'll also receive points directly and keep Gold status for the remainder of January.

Price savings

The displayed amount for the upgrade you have selected is the price you save. This is calculated from the price of the new package, minus the price of the remaining time left from your previous package.


When do I get my points?

Points are added to your account right at the start of the month. You also get the points from your package as soon as payment is confirmed, so you get instant access to the new content without having to wait.

Can I get my points straight away?
Yes. As soon as we've received payment confirmation your points package will be activated and you'll directly receive the first points boost.

Can I still earn points?

Yes. All the points you collect at our partner rooms or in a promotion continue to count and will be added to the points from your points package.

Do purchased points count towards the Tell-a-Friend program?

Yes. You earn 10% of all our revenues from points packages your referals buy in our Points Shop.
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I don't receive e-mails from

Take a look in your spam folder. If the e-mail address you've given us isn't up to date, you can enter a new address in your profile: Your user profile

If you still don't receive any e-mails, please contact our Customer Support and give them your e-mail address: Go to Customer Support

"Payment pending" – what does this mean?

In many cases you'll get the message "Payment successful" as soon as you've paid via Skrill or PayPal and you'll be able to access the new videos and articles etc. straight away.

However, sometimes you'll also receive the message "Payment pending". This could be for one of the following reasons:

  1. You haven't paid at Skrill, this could be because you closed the site. In this case, either complete the payment or simply wait a short while.
  2. You paid via bank transfer. In this case you need to complete the transfer first.
  3. Skrill may be carrying out a security check. This generally happens if large amounts are being transferred or if you've activated the "Renew automatically" function on your points package. In this case, Skrill checks your account and the payment for your own security. You should receive further details via e-mail from Skrill in this instance.
  4. You've activated automatic renewal for your points package but paid via bank transfer. When the package is renewed, you'll automatically return to this status, as you'll first need to make another transfer.