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about this range VS fish.

  • 2 replies
    • orojanjivu
      Joined: 27.12.2010 Posts: 52
      Could u be more specific? All kinds of fish out there. In my expirience u play best vs fish by sticking to charts. Its only then when u have an advantage so u 3bet for value only. If he 4bet pushes u call QQ+ and AK, unless you strong reason to believe he just wants to double or bust. Problem with midstack is that u dont have a lot of space to outplay a fish. A cbet on turn is always committing - thats why best recipe is to avoid ugly spots (playing the man), for in the run - your range will always triumph over the range of a fish.

      In short. Try avoiding adjusting to a fish - adjusting is meant for regs. Play straightforwardly and watch your bankroll grow.
    • GraemeDR
      Joined: 19.01.2011 Posts: 156
      Yeah, as above. Basically, if you're playing according to the MSS then you are playing a good tight aggressive strategy, long term tight aggressive is the best way to take money from fishy players, so stick to it and you'll be fine if you avoid the regs or feel comfortable adjusting to them and taking them on or waiting for big hands and good spots against them.