[NL20-NL50] NL20 AQ failed isolation play

    • armo
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      Platform: IPoker - formated by LittleTitanHelper
      Gamecode: 933706861 - 2008-04-12 22:12:00
      $0.10 SB / $0.20 BB - 9 handed

      Seat 1: SB ($25.67)
      Seat 3: [color=#0000ff]Hero[/color]($14.55)
      Seat 4: UTG2 ($0.47)
      Seat 5: UTG3 ($3.10)
      Seat 6: MP ($19.50)
      Seat 7: MP2 ($22.38)
      Seat 8: MP3 ($8.40)
      Seat 9: CO ($20)
      Seat 10: BU ($19.87)(DEALER)

      Dealt to Hero: :club: Q :club: A

      SB posts SB, Hero posts BB,CO
      UTG2 raises All-in($0.47), [color=#7d7d7d]2 folds[/color], MP2 calls $0.47, [color=#7d7d7d]2 folds[/color], SB calls $0.37, Hero raises $1.30, MP2 calls $1.03, SB calls $1.03

      Flop(Pot: $4.97):
      :club: 7 :heart: K :spade: 8
      SB checks, Hero checks, MP2 checks

      Turn(Pot: $4.97):
      :club: 7 :heart: K :spade: 8,:heart: 9
      SB checks, Hero checks, MP2 checks

      River(Pot: $4.97):
      :club: 7 :heart: K :spade: 8,:heart: 9,:spade: Q
      SB bets $1.40, Hero calls $1.40, MP2 calls $1.40

      Total Pot: $9.17

      My plan was to do isolation play, but I got two calling stations *sigh* and completely missed flop. Probably played this one as a fish :P honestly I had no idea how to play this one?
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    • theloniousbones
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      On a nuthing flop like that, and as PF aggressor I think you can throw out a c-bet there ~ $3. Smooth calling PF is a bad play by both villains and they could bail to a contibet. If you get a caller you can shut it down on the turn or fire a second barrel and represent a str8 or a set....

      That being said it's not bad as played too, that 9:heart: is a bad turn card, and you avoid confrontation with the other big stacks.

      Tricky situation, but you got through without risking much.
    • armo
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      I did not want to cbet because of several reasons
      - this flop hits the callers range very hard - connectors 56-9T, K-x, A7, A8.
      - they are calling stations, they will call with mid pairs and gutshot straights.
      - I am sandwitched between two players, SB could easily be preparing c/r while I don't know what MP3 will do.
      - I dont want to play 3-way for stacks with my hand on this flop
      I also assume that I have only 3 aces () as safe outs and two running clubs. Now turn is even worse and I am ready to c/f. With Q on river I can't fold to 1.40 bet though I have a bad feeling that I will see 2 pairs or straight, right?
    • nttflox
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      First of all I think your preflop raise is too small, especially since you are OOP. It should be around 2,5$, if you want to reraise AQ suited from there. I wouldn't.
      Postflop it's fine imo.
    • Kaitz20
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      I would re-raise pf. 2,5$ seems solid.
      As played- the board is so dry and you have good enough fold equity, so I would try to take it down against two players, but betting put 3$.