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[NL2-NL10] Hand Evaluation Coaching - Homework #28 03.04.12

    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello PokerStrategists,

      as some of you may have heard that we have a homework in each of our No-Limit Hand Evaluation Coachings.

      Here is the homework for the coaching from April 3rd, please note:

      • Everybody is invited to share his thoughts here regardless if you joined the last coaching or not.
      • Whoever is active in the homework threads can get a free database analysis by us which helps you to improve your game.

      Find the hand below waiting for you opinions and analysis posted in this thread. Furthermore do not forget to join our next coaching on Sunday, April 8th at 1 PM GMT.

      I check back turn, with intention to call river, 'cause draw came and I was afraid of raise in wich case I would have to give up my hand. I think it's good fold against unknown, if he had bet 1/2 pot, or even 2/3 I would call.
      PartyGaming - $0.10 NL - Holdem - 8 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      SB: $9.80
      BB: $11.33
      Hero (UTG): $21.44
      UTG+1: $4.15
      MP: $7.36
      MP+1: $2.69
      CO: $10.00
      BTN: $10.24

      SB posts SB $0.05, BB posts BB $0.10, CO posts DB $0.10

      Pre Flop: ($0.25) Hero has K:spade: A:club:

      Hero raises to $0.50, fold, fold, fold, fold, fold, SB calls $0.45, fold

      Flop: ($1.20, 2 players) 4:club: A:diamond: K:club:
      SB checks, Hero bets $0.85, SB calls $0.85

      Turn: ($2.90, 2 players) 8:club:
      SB checks, Hero checks

      River: ($2.90, 2 players) 8:diamond:
      SB bets $2.76, fold

      SB wins $2.76
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    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,287
      i think i would bet/shove turn
      we may have the best hand, we have outs to improve to fullhouse/nutflush (also we have nut blocker!) and we may secure a free showdown

      as played on river we are absolutely clueless, it's likely the case that we are beat but just an ugly spot
    • NoMistakes
      Joined: 23.03.2010 Posts: 153
      We have position on him , so I don't mind betting the turn and if we get raised we can fold and also by betting the turn we buy us a free showdown. But it is a question with what cards he decided to call our UTG raise and play out of position hard to say.
    • asimos
      Joined: 21.07.2011 Posts: 1,451
      I def bet the turn for value
      if get raised call or fold depending on odds.
    • HansTheGreat
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 3,808
      Due to the fact that he isnt full stacked I think it should be a bad player.
      That is why I prefer a bet on the turn and secure as a showdown. Otherwise if we get raised :

      Board: 4:club: A:diamond: K:club:  8:club:
             Equity     Win     Tie
      UTG    49.91%  43.28%   6.63% { AcKs }
      SB     50.09%  43.47%   6.63% { 88, 44, AKs, A8s, A4s, QcJc, QcTc, JcTc, Qc9c, Jc9c, Tc9c, 9c7c, 7c6c, AKo, AhQc, AsQc }

      Of course if you can change the range but overall we wont be able to fold if he raise so therefore I would probably call.
      As played: Since you went for pot control and bluff inducing I would still call even it seems very hard. I would stick to the plan.
    • noel50
      Joined: 05.10.2009 Posts: 105
      As played will have to call river bet what has he flush 44 that has us beaten we are ahead of a x k x hands and a bluff (which I would put him on). On the turn you must bet about 1.60/1.70 to find out where you are if called check and fold on the river to a bet just my view tx noel
    • EYEVi
      Joined: 04.04.2012 Posts: 7
      i would definetely bet the turn or at least check and call on the river.

      From villain point of view he had a perfect bluff or even 'value bet' situation. He could easily call the flop with AT+,KJ+ and hold 1 big club. By checking the turn he could assume that u fear a flush draw or even a pair of aces cause u could hold QQ,JJ,TT,KQs type of hand or even a small pocket pair. Now the river is perfect for lead betting. IF SB holds the weaker ace hes chooping with AT-AQ and still beats UTG 99-QQ hands which are combaint about 76% of standard utg tag open range. Because of the 8 and fd by lead betting about the pot on the river he got the chance that utg will throw AK hand and he can induce a hero call from KQ QQ-JJ hands, i think utg will rather raise him only with fh.

      so he leadbets on rivers:
      nuts: 88, 44, QcJc, QcTc, JcTc,
      aces: AQo-ATo, AQs-ATs, AQs-ATs,
      sometimes semibluffs Kbrodways with 1 big club: KdQc, KhQc, KsQc, KdJc, KhJc, KsJc,
      and can bet bluff some missed gsd/mfd: JdTc, JhTc, JsTc, JcTd, JcTh, JcTs,JTo

      so u got about 75% equity on calling in optimistic version.

      but thats just my opinion
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504

      Flop: As long the opponent seems to be loose according the stack, cause any reg would have auto-rebuy. Therefore I would even go for bigger Bet ton the flop cause if he has any kind of draw or Ax hand he is willing to pay anyways.
      Turn: I would definitely continue betting here, there is so much value from worse Ax hands there that it's kind of must to Bet here, most likely I would even plan to go broke as long the guy could easily have worse Ax hands and maybe even worse hands.

      As played
      River: As long we turned our hand into bluff on the turn with Check behind and we could even induce him to bluff whatever hands he floats, maybe even Kx and could even Bet Ax for value I would Call it down.

      Best Regards.