withdrawn on titan

    • cannell555
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      Hey guys just took all my money out of titan. Reason being I had 2 different people at the tables, tell me what my bankroll was. One guy went on to say he knows more than just my bankroll. Both were people I had disagreements with, but nothing to serious. Anyone know were this info is accesable? am not interested but I do want to know how they got it.

      Online support just give me loads of rubbish about it is not possible.

      I have all the latest software to stop hackers, as this computer is my bussiness one. anyone had this problem?

      Thx Stievro!
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    • helemaalnicks
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      its theoretically possible to see someone's screen with a trojan horse, and see your holecards/br that way. I dont know how, and whether its practically possible though. But thats all i can really think of.