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Open raise sizes (SH specific)

    • Hopey
      Joined: 05.03.2010 Posts: 193
      I'm curious about what people think a standard size for an open raize should be, specifically on 6max tables.

      The strategy articles seem to suggest 4x but most players are 3xing.

      Also some videos I've watched say that a 2.5x button raise is good, what do people thin of that?


      I 3x from EP, MP, CO and the blinds.
      2.5x from button though.
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    • breena
      Joined: 14.09.2010 Posts: 412
      5x from button is way 2 much you should bet less here so you can steal more in this poss

      I do

      5x BB if raising 1 mayb 2 lmpers

      3x SB

      2.25x bu

      3x co

      3.5x MP

      4x EP

      I do this as a rule but sometimes have to make adjustments to gameplay
    • fielden1982
      Joined: 23.07.2010 Posts: 7
      It very much depends on the blinds IMO, I think early stages with decent hands 5x is fine as you dont want many callers and you need to narrow the field 6 handed. Later on then 3x is fine and also if the blinds are large sometimes 2.5x or a little more than 2x (avoiding the gay raise of 2x of course)

      Also I like to keep a standard raise size on the whole table, that way you are not varying your sizes so players can get reads on you, if you have standard raises depending on position this is ok, but if people do not realise that you are varying based on position they will make assumptions that you are raising more or less for certain reasons which is not good. Also I would never raise more from the button, you dont always want to price people on and you want people with marginal hands to call sometimes from the blinds, as you have position!
    • TiciBoy
      Joined: 13.01.2010 Posts: 1,235
      In 6max I use 3x and 2,5x from BTN.
    • Dylanzesz
      Joined: 19.03.2009 Posts: 28
      Very villain/table dependant.

      Opening 5x on btn is quite bad though
    • EmanuelC16
      Joined: 02.01.2010 Posts: 13,909
      Hello Hopey,

      Usually, the stronger your range, the bigger you can open, which is why you see some people suggest bigger from EP and smaller from BU and why articles suggest 4x (SHC gives very tight ranges).

      3x will usually be OK from any position. However, if you open as wide as you should on BU, 3x might be too big and 2-2.5x will be better.

      That said, having dynamic open raise sizing is best. If you know your table and you know exactly what you want to acheive, play exploitable to what gets you max. At a table full of call happy fish I would raise bigger with strong hands in any position without giving it a second thought! Worry about people adjusting and getting a read on you when they do, not even before you do that certain obvious thing because chances are they do not adjust at all, whatever you do.

      Another situation would be in BU when you have tight blinds, open often and small. They will fold anyway, when they don't you only play the nuts. If blinds are fish who like to call, open a bit tighter with hands that play well postflop and open bigger to get as much money in as possible vs fish, having a stronger range and position vs him.

      Hope it helps!