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Hand reading

    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Just having trouble hand reading when doing my hand analyses...just a question....Would it be a good starting point to just put an opponent on a hand range that i would have in the same position and then deviate when he/she shows me that his/her range is wider than i thought? for example if a player calls a bet preflop from small blind i put him on a range that i would call from SB and then if he turns over say 46o then i can widen his/her range accordingly???? i'm having heaps of trouble with i don't know what to put people on who limp call from say CO or BU because this move is not in my repertoire and things like this
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    • nefarious26
      Joined: 02.11.2008 Posts: 413
      yeah just put yourself in their spot
      look at their stats and notes you can widen or shorten depending,
      fish who limp call playing 80/6 erm.... put %80 in pokerstove thats their range lol
    • datsmahname
      Joined: 23.11.2009 Posts: 1,366
      Hey Legand,

      we just happened to chat about this today. There's an article about handreading in the Fixed limit Silver section that you might look at. Even if you don't play fixed limit, its a good intro.

      The main factors are:
      - Player Tendencies (Looseness, Agressiveness, Deceptiveness, Awareness)
      - Recent History (tilty players, what do they think of us)
      - Betting Patterns (raised/unraised pots, postflop actions)

      Here are a few pointers to consider:
      • Even though history is important, hand reading is a skill which we apply to the hand in progress.
      • Every possible hole card combination has a non-zero chance of being your opponents actual cards right up until the moment they're flipped over.
      • As the hand progresses, your opponents range narrows. The hands they are most likely to have become fewer in number.
      • Its important to avoid putting your opponent on too narrow of a hand range early on in the hand.
    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Thanks for the brilliant answer datsmahname!

      I play 6max and the range can be soo wide even for the "regs" on the table!
    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      thanks guys