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3betting IP, OOP + playing from blinds

    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      On PLO25, when you start having some FE, it might make sense to start 3betting as well. I know that you don't technically have to 3bet to be a winning player, but vs. weak players, I think this is way better than calling.

      So my question is - how is 3betting IP (from CO, BU) different to 3betting OOP (from SB, BB)?

      IP 3betting range would probably be any AAxx, then KKbb, QQbb, JJbb, maybe hands like A987 and premium rundowns, all single suited+, maybe some higher double pairs as well.

      OOP 3betting range would be premium AAxx, so at least single suited with broadways, another pair and double suited. Now I'm wondering what else could I add there? Rundowns seem nice as they can be played very deceptively - you can represent AAxx and you will get paid off on connected flops which you will hit hard. I'm not sure about other high pairs, etc.

      I am also wondering about blinds play - is it better to call or 3bet from blinds? I've checked my winnings from blinds and it seems like I am losing a lot when I just call preflop and am actually winning when I 3bet, although the sample size is only like 10k hands. So this got my attention.. generally, I play very tight from blinds as it sucks to be playing OOP (let's ignore blind battles here, I play a bit looser there).

      My question is, should I just 3bet or fold vs 1 opponent while I'm in the blinds? I mean, if a hand is good enough to call, I might as well 3 bet and get some FE instead of fit or folding flop or trying out tricky checkraises. And if no, which hands are more suitable for calling OOP than for 3betting or folding?

      One last thing, which hands are good for calling a 4bet and which aren't? does this differr according to position? rundowns are generally good to call, hands like A66x aren't. What about hands like A987 and AKQT?

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    • Kyyberi
      Joined: 09.07.2010 Posts: 11,478
      Thumb rule is that if opponent 4bets aces, you can't fold a hand that doesn't have an ace or pair. If you have an ace or pair in your hand, it's more borderline and stacksizes are the key. Use equity graph to see how well different Axxx or paired hands flop against AAxx.

      When you filtered your winnings from blinds, did you remember to exclude all blind vs blind situations? So that the first raise came from UTG, MP, CO or BTN?

      With 100bb stacks, I would not 3bet aces, unless they are premium. As opponent is most likely to think you have aces, or at least compare his hand on flop against aces, it sucks when you have them. So the value comes usually from the side cards and flush draws.

      In position you can pot control, while oop you really can't. And as you have more information, you can estimate opponents ranges more easily.