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Train by Day, Poker By Night, ALL DAY !!! (NL10SH & MTSNG)

    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Welcome to my Blog !!!

      "Quest to be a Finisher"

      First got into poker around 2008 playing SSS, I didnt end up liking the style as I was a beginner I couldnt multitable to make it work. I watched Gerv start out SSS the rest is history So SSS is good for beginners :D

      About 12 months later started BSS however I was too inexperienced to play post flop and didnt do too well.

      2011 - Started playing MT SNG's with a German poker pro coach who was travelling around Australia playing poker and making moniez. Since then havent looked back.

      2012 - Started multitabling stacked from 12 to 24 tables at a time. Finally had some success as I beat NL MT SNG 45 man 0.50cents + So now my roll is about $500, $300 in stars $200 in bank. I've recently found full time work and have not had the energy or motivation to play. However now I've settled and adjusted Im missing poker and feel I need a challenge to motivate me.


      1000 Games playing $2.50 180 man & $1.50 45 man, my focus will be the 180's however If volume is low ill load up extra games to keep numbers up.

      The goal is to play 1000 games between now and 15th September 2012 and show a profit after the session. At this stage I want to aim for 40 to 50 games a session and try to play one session a day and obviously play alot more on weekends while not working.

      I've set no money goals for this challenge as its more about volume and improving my game. If I play well eventually the $$$ should follow if variance is kind to me :D

      Ill look at getting a sharkscope account also so I can post nice Giraffe's

      GL at the Tables guys Ill up date hopefully tonight after my first session!

      *** Update *** 11/09/2012

      Due to working full time at the moment my quest to grind 180's is on hold, At the moment I'm grinding cashgames hard out in free time and weekends alot more flexible for my lifestyle at the moment. I hope to return to 180's in the future based on bankroll and time / lifestyle.

      The Blog @ present is my grind up the cash micro-limits to hopefully be taking shots at NL25 and NL50 in the next month or so. Enjoy the Ride!!
      Pokerz 4 Life Be!
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    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Obviously playing very lean on BRM however I can deposit more if needed, Ideally I'd like $1000 Roll for starting out on $2.50's however $500 will have to do for the start of the challenge

      Updates to come :D
    • ains21
      Joined: 04.06.2011 Posts: 303
      Good luck with your challenge mate, I'll be checking in to see how you're doing. It'll be tough producing this much volume working full time right? Keep us updated!

    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Thanks Ains,

      Yeah thats the idea my volume has basically stalled since starting full-time work so I've decided to do the challenge as a way to motivate my volume, I've hardly logged any since micro-millions
    • aokara09
      Joined: 30.05.2012 Posts: 117
      gl @ your challenge sugalde! i hope that u make it and with nice profit aswell ;)

      i will be following although not entering internet that much during summer..

      if you need anything including advice,information,spots,hands etc don't hesitate to contact me. as you may remember i played many of them 2 months ago so i may be able to help you :)

      anw gl again get'em! :s_love:
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Thanks Aokara!!

      I'd much rather be in Greece at the beach!!! It's a very cold winter down here at the moment!

      Im hoping to load up my first session tonight after work :D
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      First 2 Sessions Down!

      So 103 / 1000 Games done so just over 10%

      I didn't have table ninja the first session as there was an update error. Sorted for second session. First session I lost approx -$60.00 for 40 to 50 games wasn't quite sure. I got a 5th and 3 min cash'

      Second session started off well 60 games approx I had one second and one 4th and a min cash however after that run I think I thought I was on a god run and was way too loose Im guessing and a bit of run bad, however went on a 31 BI downswing.

      Current bankroll $403.00 (-$97.00) 126 VPP's collected.

      Only 6% ITM which is really low, a few more FT cashes and I should've been about break even. A few hands reviewed I've been running bad in crucial spots so thats giving me confidence. If I loose another $100.00 I'll reload the $200 to keep the BR confidence up also

      Biggest things learnt starting 180's compared to 45 man's players are crazy every time a table pops up there's chips everywhere already so I've found I've had to tighten up alot especially with steals. I hope or one of the other guys can help me out here :)

      Hoping to play an early session tonight / this afternoon however traffic is quite low so we'll see. I'd like another 30 or 40 games to round out the weekend.

      Here's some pics

      Uploaded with

      Uploaded with

      Uploaded with
    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      That's some nastyass boards...
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Yeah got spanked a bit over those first few days.

      Challenge Count ---> 149 / 1000 (14.9%) Complete

      Identified some major leaks

      1) 180's are a little different from 45's so making the necessary changes to my game

      2) Short handed heads up and bubble in general, my small ball poker just isn't up to scratch

      3) Too spewy towards bubble when I should be using a bit more ICM, that is probably shoving too light from the small blind with K6 with 30K or more in chips just not necessary.

      4) Was playing too loose early on, I tested this by running 4 games where I just sat out all games I got 60th or better on ?( So I've tightened my range to QQ+ AK+ until ante's seems to be better.

      Okay the results we are 10/148 thats ten cashes for one hundred and forty eight games for those of you at home :D

      Last night I got a 3rd and 3 min cash... too many bubbles still.

      So with bad play and running pretty average I'm still happy with the results. I haven't got the volume I'd like but I'm hoping to seriously smash some out this weekend I was discussing this with target... My sessions are fine with twenty tables they just aren't long enough only lasting 3 or 4 hours I need to be pushing 8 to 10 hous min. Or I want hit my target of 1000 games by Sept 15th.

      At this stage if i don't get onboard with a stable shortly I may have to stick to HUSNG and 6 max Cash it just suits my lifestyle with work better however Im keen to be a success at MT SNG so much!!

      Anyway now for the boss news of the day...

      I've been watching the high stakes tonight Isildur1 to be exact how cool absolute balla's! Anyway started off with $7 on a NL10 table, ended up running hot with $81.00 profit for the day... just parlayed it on till i got to NL25 I know not BR but hey it was $7 max at risk and it helped heaps improve my small ball game so I'll definately play some more 6 max over the next few days.

      Played about 30 SNG HYper HU broke even or small profit, again helping to improve my overall game and more importantly to get more of the 1st places rather 2nd's and 3rd's...

      Well thanks for reading Blogs are so ego driven but please help me along and follow I hope to share my success and teach and learn in the process!

      Anyway its 1:30am in the morning I've work at 8am so ill sign off for now and get some much needed rest after todays session. My main thoughts concerning poker today was cash games seemed alot more easy on ones mind rather than the constant races off torny's I have to admit playing small ball all day I probably only got in 3 or 4 races was great !! just made heaps of small profits eating away at the fish slowly was AWESOME!! anyway I must be tired I've written an essay, Peace and good luck at the table's you dirty bosses!

    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Hey Guys!!

      Time for an update, just had a nice weekend! Unfortunately no progress on the challenge! I've been playing NL SH with great results, last post I'd had a nice $+81.00 heater, well the heat continued over the weekend. Moved up another +$60 approx.

      Challenge Progress ---> Still 149/1000 Games

      I think my bankroll is down about -$50.00 from original starting point so It's been a nice grind back I also unlocked about $20.00 in rakeback Vpp bonus' from stars also.

      Thoughts now on the challenge, well... I've pretty much beaten NL5 about 5 more buy ins at NL10 and i'll consider that beaten too which leaves me with the BR to take a shot at NL16 which I'm considering doing.

      The only problem I'm having with my 180' man challenge is I know I have to pull a long session ie min 10 hours 20 tabling and I just haven't had a decent block of time to have a crack as mentioned Im working full time atm and cash games are definately suiting my schedule better.

      My goal is to become a SNG MT pro however at the moment Im running good and crushing micro-stakes cash so I'll probably keep this my focus and put the challenge on hold until Sept.

      Im really keen to get some coaching for 180's off so i'll see if that developes. 180's are the way to go definately to earn cash however they are soooo reg infested compared with cash games.

      VPP's running well around 370 VPP's for the month, I may make some sicko grind challenge this week to try hit silver star.

    • MrS212i
      Joined: 03.02.2011 Posts: 595
      All the best with ur challenge OP.
      Seems like u on the right track.
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Hi Dan,


      The challenge has gone abit in two directions! I'm not ending the challenge because If I put in two large sessions over the weekend I could easily fire up 200 games and get back on track, the main thing is I'm motivated to play I've just had illness and some personal life stuff keeping me busy!!

      NL10 Results are great don't think I've had a really bad session yet,, I've loaded up some extra cash just for mental support... Last night took a stab at NL25 just wanted to see how the tables play... Well I fished it up basically called two hands down too the river when I was clearly beat Oh well I guess the guys wern't bluffing at NL25 hehe! I guess Im just used to running over opponents at NL5 and NL10....

      Going to try win a few more buy-ins at NL10 then looks like September is NL16 Reg for me and hopefully some more 180's

      Too the potential coaches I've been discussing profit sharing options with yes Im still keen just haven't had a chance to contact you guys on skype yet!!

      Lost track of BR so ill just post basic update, still down around -$50.00 from 2.50's and up around $140 playing NL5 & 10 for the month.
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127

      Just finished first session of cash games for the night...

      Only 2 Tabling at the moment not feeling to keen! Anyhooo! Ran good BABY!!

      Loaded up 2 Tables of NL16 and NL10 results +$53.00

      Official success NL10 beaten oh it feels so good, I tried for thousands of hands back in 2008 and 2009 to beat this! The variance killed me, so Im quite proud of my game development at this point!

      Learning and perfecting small ball has been a necessary part of my game. Im definately running hot only had a couple of bad beats so not getting too confident yet, I did get raped at NL25 yesterday but that was mostly bad play and failed bluffs. (the 2 BI's are recovered today though).

      So the grind to beat NL16 is on. My new goal is to get rolled for NL25 so BR Goal of $500.00 I could just load it up but I want to learn and excel at my game... Im not a total bank roll nit, I like to take shots but only when its right. I'd much rather have mental comfort of BRM.

      Gerv, This is for you!! I tried to beat these back in the day when you sailed SSS through them!


      So back to the cash tables, Im looking forward to maybe having a session of 180's over the weekend, the challenge still stands with the new added NL16 challenge.

      A quote from my hand!

      Villian - "Nice hand Kevin"
      Hero - "Ah it's Richie"


      Joke to anyone who gets it, that pic is my avatar for life love it !!!

      Bankroll movement

      Start $290.00
      Finish +$343.58
      VPP's for August 427

      So taking an early shot @ NL16 was worth it, but it was nice to get 2 buy ins from NL10 also to finish with triumph!!!
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Happy September Eve! All

      Well its the time for goal settings!!

      September Poker Goals

      [ ] Silverstar on Pokerstars
      [ ] Goldstar on Pokerstrategy
      [ ] Grow bankroll towards NL25
      [ ] Have a great time playing NL16
      [ ] Try log at least 500 to 1000 $2.50 180' mans
      [ ] 100 to 250 HU SNG's $1.50 Hypers or >$3.00
      [X] Watch plenty of vids and live games for study.
      [X] Read 3 poker books

      That's the list for September, I' guess the challenge has transformed into a full fledge blog now!

      Just finished reading the raisers edge not a bad book, Interesting discussion point is the Kill Phil and Kill Everyone poker books, has had a massive impact on online tourney's in today's game. Probably why the 180's are so competitive. A little secret too anyone out there! There is probably more easy money to be mad multi tabling cash games at the moment... a lot less variance if you're getting your money in better spots with better ods rather than flip flip flip flip min cash! woot!
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Second session for the night, nothing too serious just another table of NL16 glad to say after a nice battle with one semi good player and a table of fish I did well and ripped another buy - in my way.

      Points too note, NL16 is similiar to NL10 as in you can almost run over the table as I did tonight. Also I hit more boards than ever so that helped anyhoo I started with $16.00 on one table walked away with $35.00 soooo happy its only just over 1 buy in buy I feel I really owned it picked my decent player and challenged him alot and just ran over the fish, was quite swingy but thats standard for the LAG strategy Im trying to punish with!

      Well 1:35am Aussie time, gotta work @ 8am... wrapped with out come for tonight

      Fried Fish Moment

      Session Stats

      Start $343.00
      Finish BR $363.32
      VPP's for August - 447
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127

      Had an interesting weekend... Here goes!

      Friday night was off to a good start at NL16, Lost 3 buy-ins straight up but recovered with a 4 buy-in upswong, then my world came crashing down, My run was basically, 3 Coolers and abit of tilt and my quick run was over.

      I dropped down to NL10 to regain some dignity and then lost another 4 buy-ins or so, my roll went from $360 down to $240.00 I should of stopped loss earlier but I was lost my downswing was affected by distractions in the house, I should of loaded up once it was peaceful and everyone was asleep, and I was drinking a few wines which probably took its toll also.

      I jumped on Saturday hoping to regain some of the damage, I lost another 2 BI's at NL10 and decided that it was it for the night...


      Ok well I reflected on my game and realised I was playing too loose and spewy and also calling down donk style when I was clearly beat. Oh well ran 2 sessions last night @ NL10 back up 3 BI's woot. Was good to get my game back and have a win... I got to used to winning last month so it really hurt to have 2 loosing days in a row. Good to see an improvement by tightining up abit. I probably could of had 4 or 5 BI's but I donked a bit away calling down shit... I got to realise most players at NL10 aren't playing complicated moves so I should stop thinking players a bluffing me.

      Anyway thats it for now pretty happy so far, made about 115 VPP's also last night so i'll definately be on track for silverstar this month, played about 4 hours 4 tabling last night...

      Ill load up a session tonight for an hour or two before bed, so until then you stay classy pokerstrategy. Time to grind some sales at work...
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Quiet little session last night, 4 Table's for about 2 hours....

      I got spanked about 4 Buy-ins, so my roll dropped from around $263.00 back to about $220.00 It sucks to know it was heading towards $400 at the end of August.

      3 out of the 4 buy-ins were coolers, straights into flushes, flushes into quads, full house over full house pretty standard. I probably could of got back 2 buy-ins but alittle tilt and bad play kept the BR where it is. Should of been profit or min break even just didn't get lucky when I had too. Other thing I just couldnt get paid on my large pockets either... Very FRUSTRATING session but I enjoy the challenge!!!

      Going to try start my sessions a little later, my partner seems to be famous for distracting me now as soon as I load up some tables... Too Neeedy!! SRSLY

      Anyway going to try tighten up abit Im probably playing loose guys too much out of position which Ill have to minimise. Stop calling people down when I think they're bluffing! So stupid last night, river brings a flush, donk raises and I call thinking he's got nothing!! Donked away a few chips by been stupid.

      Looking forward to some run good so I can get my heat back!! It sucks playing NL10 again but meh that's life going to load some more cash around the $320 mark so bit of extra roll for NL16.

      Goal at this moment, build a roll for NL25 and $2.50's 180s.

      Currently 180 VPP's so on track for Silverstar yay!
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Morning Pimps!!

      Didn't play last night had a bit of running around todo after work! But should be going for a decent session tonight.

      Good news, poker study is going well I've hit my goal for study already in the month, Works been a little quiet so I've had plenty of time to read, study and watch movies. I'll link some of the youtubes links in another post.

      Got FPDB can't wait to try it out, So the blog V2 will now have graphs.

      Not much happening today at work So i've been 3 tabling NL10Zoom, not going to bad small profit atm so i'll keep the grind on if time permits.

      Here's a video I really liked, not much to watch but I think his audio advice is really good for beginners, Definaetly going to increase my volume and change my game a bit more TAG rather than LAG see how it progresses.
    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Hey Peeps!!

      I Hope everyone is having a very profitable weekend :)

      First some updates, just finished my big milestone for the weekend!! Not too much planned just hanging about the house and trying to grind some serious tables.

      Progress so far going really well, Just hit my 5000 hands milestone halfway to my weekend goal of 10000. Also just got my next stella $10.00 bonus. I'm about 120 FPP's off another $10.00 cash bonus.

      VPP's for month currently sit at 473 soo looking forward to getting silverstar in the next few days. I've been 6 tabling mostly, tried 8 without to much worry, Im playing on laptop though so looks terrible with 8. The laptop I have isn't outputing to VGA which is def -EV and blows. I may invest in a new beast and monitor this week.

      Okay results, had a great swingy session... finished up about 1.5 Buyins plus $10.00 stella bonus, Im happy with results however I know they could of been a lot better. Im calling down donks too much and getting alittle unlucky in a few spots, Im marrying my sets too much, probably lost two buy ins donking off sets to flushes and straights, pretty standard.

      Im having alot of trouble getting my good hands called at the moment, NL10 seems to be so nitty against me at the moment, just game cycles I know.

      Im going to play another few hours now so I'll post when that finishes, hopefully I can bag a few more buy-ins and start the crawl back towards NL16 & 25. I really don't want to be playing NL10 if I break even for another few days without much profit I may just add some cash to my bankroll and have another go at NL16 or NL25.

      I'm also considering moving my roll to betsson poker an ongame skin, It was suggested to me by a friend, Great deposit bonus to clear plus 40% rake back, which for a grinder would be perfect if I can 8 table for a month should definaetly have a $1000.00 roll for cash games or 180 man 2.50's anyway Ill see how it goes.

      Now for the graph. I uploaded the wrong one, this one is just winnings, According to EV graph, Im running about 2 Buyins under... so standard, good to know Im making good decisions most of the time.

      Gotta love FPDB !!!

    • sugalde
      Joined: 08.07.2008 Posts: 127
      Alrighty, just finished session for the day, pretty tired!

      Played around with the bettson poker software just play money, software is a little rustic but ill manage, played some heads up lolz, easy game! gotta love play money.

      Good thing I've noticed they have good range of micro heads up tables, why is PokerStars so expensive to start heads up ??

      Well back to the NL10 grind, finished with a good bit of heat, up about 3 Buyins now for the weekend, 2 below EV doh!! game seems to be getting a bit better, still working on playing tighter. up about $40.00 including my rakeback, I've just hit 500 VPP's also so I'm hoping to be silver star monday or tuesday.

      All in all my thoughts and moods on results are I'm really happy, getting the results needed for min rakeback profits etc and with a small improvement Im making headway on growing the BR. If I was up say 5 or 6 buyins I would be ecstatic haha! so close enough for now. Im glad I've found cash games at the moment, great way to improve my game and build a roll for 180's.

      I played the Saturday 3.30 Lolz, 10K runners not bad. I did well early on got up to up 10K then donked it away... Looking forward to some MTT's on Betsson for sure good guarantees and small fields, anyone else play on Ongame ? any thoughts ?

      Goodnight guys see you at the tables when I wake up... Sunday grind & clean the house it is!! ZZZZZ!

      Bankroll @ $252.00
      VPP's for Sept @ 500
      5721 Hands out of 10000 for Weekend Super Challenge.

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