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Hello there~~!!!

    • bsiloveyou
      Joined: 22.08.2012 Posts: 109
      Hi, I would like to say hello to all the English speaking fellows in

      Unfortunately, Korean forum is not very active...

      I have not seen any comments in a last couple of days.

      So I thought that it's about time to expand my horizon and start talking to you guys. ^^

      I'm a Korean who's currently living in Canada.

      I've been playing poker for 4 months so far, and stuck in 5NL zoom in Pokerstars for a very long time.

      I wish I could make it through 25NL at least, so I can make poker as a legitimate source of side income.... (Is it to ambitious???)

      Once again, it's pleasure to meet you guys, and I'll be posting some of my hands in this forum pretty soon.

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    • Tomaloc
      Joined: 17.01.2011 Posts: 7,238

      i sympathize with koreans and korean culture, i tried to actually learn the language but i got lazy and learning 한굴 was pretty much as far as i got :f_biggrin:
    • DrDunne
      Joined: 29.12.2010 Posts: 3,378
      Hey bsiloveyou and welcome to the english community!

      no way is that too ambitious :D all it will take is some hard work and dedication from yourself and i'm sure you will move up soon. have faith and try to always play your best and you'll be fine.

      if you've only been playing for 4 months then i say don't push to move up too quickly. it's always nice to move up but as long as we have mistakes that have gone unchanged, they will cost us at least double what they did on the previous stake.. so working on your game >>> moving up in stakes imo :) (at the same time it's often a good idea to step out of the comfort zone sometimes)

      I wish you the best of rungood and look forward to seeing you around the forums :f_cool:

    • TonyRice
      Joined: 30.01.2010 Posts: 3,378
      Welcome sir :]

      Epic name by the way i love it

      Of course its not too ambitious. You could play NL2k one day if you are ready to work hard enough for it. Nice to see you want to post some hands thats gonna be one of the best ways to improve your play and the way you think about each hand.

      Looking forward to seeing you around