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customized huds with colors, NL4, NL 10

    • farbwenz
      Joined: 01.01.2010 Posts: 359
      I customize my HUD in PT4 and show different VPIP ranges in different colors. I then use the notes to attach a color to opponents, and I also have a frame around the stats in the same color (it's done as soon as I change a note color, don't remember where I found it). At the same time, I also mark the player with the same color within the client, so that I have a good overview when sitting down at a table or playing without HUD (which crashes when I play >6 tables). The idea behind is, that I can quickly assess colors but am not as quick with numbers (costly mistakes if reading 10 as 19 :f_eek: ).
      I wonder whether there is an easier way of tagging players (i.e. give player a color if VPIP <x and PFR>y or something). I also would like to know if i can configure the poker client (party) to automatically take the color from the HUD.

      I am not quite sure with which stats I should mark players in which color. I want to mark
      - rocks : red
      - nits : orange
      - "standard players": yellow
      - fish : green
      - calling stations

      I used on NL10 only the VPIP to mark
      rocks: VPIP<10
      nits: VPIP<15
      fish: VPIP>25 + PFR<10 or VPIP>40
      CS: VPIP >25, PFR <10, high call cbet value (I do not like WTSD because of sample size needed)

      Other players are marked yellow. And these rules are not so strict, I change that by hand depending on other reads (the VPIP could be displayed orange, yet there is a yellow frame around the player).

      What do you think about these classifications? If in doubt I want to classify my opponents as good players and give them more credit than they deserve (i.e. avoid too marginal decisions). Also, would you change the ranges between NL4 and NL10?
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