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What limit to start from? (cash, shorthanded)

    • Th334
      Joined: 26.11.2012 Posts: 971
      Hi guys,

      This might sound like a weird question, but I get more and more suspicious about NL2 being the best limit to start your poker journey from.

      So, I'm currently having an idea of moving to NL5 and improve my game there.

      The reasons against NL2:

      1) The first and the only real reason is the number of bad players at NL2. Really bad, and a really big number. The players who do not auto-rebuy, have a weird stack of 70 bb, play 90% of their hands, stuff like that. I feel like I'm learning to play with idiots, and not to play poker. As I want to learn to play poker, I don't think that doing this at NL5 will be much more expensive, but it should be more effective.

      2) Well, as a nice bonus, more points to be able to get all the deposit bonus you have, reach the gold at PokerStrategy without grinding day and night. Also, when you had a really good session, you can treat yourself at least with an imaginary cup of coffee that you might have bought on your profit :) Sadly, coffee cost more than $2 nowadays. Again, this is by no means a strong reason, just a nice bonus.

      3) Finally, I can always move down back to NL2 if I change my mind (or my bankroll does). I don't consider myself being a gambler, the purpose of moving up is purely educational.

      The reasons against NL5:

      1) Well, mate, if you cannot boast with a huge winrate against NL2 idiots, who told you that at NL5 things won't get much worse?

      2) Who told you that there are no idiots at NL5?

      3) Maybe try NL100 then? Why not? Indeed you will learn much faster. So fast, that you wouldn't even remember what the lesson was about.

      Stuff like that :f_biggrin:

      I have these two voices speaking in my head, and I don't know what to do: play with the idiots, move up to NL5 (provided sufficient bankroll), or visit a doctor regarding the voices in my head...

      What do you, the ones who have every limit beat, can advise me on this matter? :)

      Thank you.
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    • canniballsy
      Joined: 22.04.2012 Posts: 119
      If you are a beginner and still think you have a lot to learn from then I would suggest you play NL2. Yes there are idiots and short stacked players playing every hand, but take it as part of your learning. Adapt yourself playing against those idiots. It is still a learning process, because it will help you a lot if you move to NL5 after beating the NL2 format. Because it will give you a good morale boost to play at NL5 or even NL10/NL100
    • acetbfish
      Joined: 11.03.2011 Posts: 804
      Move up to where they respect you raises :D

      Seriously now, I'm in favor of this:
      1) Well, mate, if you cannot boast with a huge winrate against NL2 idiots, who told you that at NL5 things won't get much worse?
      If you can't beat the average Nl2 player, then in higher limits you are just going to get crushed. Also, in Nl2, a beginner can learn a lot of valuable things about poker (value betting,playing in position etc) without losing any serious amount of money. And don't forget that beating a limit will greatly boost your confidence.