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100k hands at NL10 Stats and Graph for Review

    • BigAl123456
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 4,080
      Hey All, well after my probabley my highest ever volume week last week ~35k hands, I have reached 100k hands. The last 50k hands have been mostly pretty good, it's just the last 10k hands that things havent really gone that well I feel I have ran Ks into As a lot 100BBs deep and Qs Vs Ks & As Vs SS's but allwell, I think I am improveing.

      I have inclued my Stats and Graph for 100k of hand played on Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker across normal FR and Zoom/Rush Tables at 5c/10c NLHE.

      Game Type Description $0.05/0.10 NL
      Game holdem
      Hands- 100,076
      $- $272.35
      bb/100- 2.72
      VPIP%- 12.6
      PFR%- 10.9
      WTSD%- 21.2
      W$SD%- 55.6
      Agg- 5.55
      Agg%- 41.7
      Rake- $465
      EV bb/100- 2.04
      PFR/VPIP Ratio- 86.5
      3Bet%- 4.14
      vs 3Bet Call%- 8.55
      4Bet Range- 1.38
      Sqz%- 2.81
      Flop Agg%- 54.8
      Turn Agg%- 29.6
      River Agg%- 16.4
      Flop CBet%- 90.2
      Flop CBet% Success- 46.9
      Turn CBet%- 45.9
      Flop Fold vs Cbet- 68.3
      Flop vs Raise Fold%- 56.3
      Steal Pct- 38.3
      Overall Steal Success- 63.6
      Early UO PFR- 8.32
      Middle UO PFR- 13.1
      Cutoff UO PFR- 24.5
      Button UO PFR- 53.3
      SB UO PFR- 43.2
      Preflop Positional Awareness- 6.41
      River Call Efficiency- 1.99
      SB Reraise Steal- 14.3
      BB Reraise Steal- 10.4
      SB Fold to Steal- 83.7
      BB Fold to Steal- 80.9

      All sites graph

      All Sites Graph-Normal

      All Sites Graph-Zoom/Rush

      Party Poker graph

      PokerStars graph-All

      PokerStars graph-Normal

      PokerStars graph-Zoom

      Full Tilt Poker graph-Rush

      Links to previous stat and graph threads.

      Ok lets see if I have improved from some the issues raised in the 50k hand thread.


      1. Too tight - well I think I am starting to open up a bit, I have added more hand to my CO and MP3 opening ranges.
      2. Might be too lose in EP - I think if I raised any less in EP I would get less action with As/Ks then I do now which is nil to nought.
      3. BTN could still be loser - I think I have improved this again, but this may be due to the super tigness of FT Rush
      4. CO too tight - still not 25% but getting close, as I said I have added more hand to my CO opening range
      5. SB might be too lose - I think it is Loser then it would be if I wasent playing on Rush on FT because some players are just soo tight.
      6. Need to 3Bet more IP - I have tried to add this but hasent seem to be working too well so far, but I will keep trying
      7. Flop CBet TOOO DAM HIGH - well its less than last time but still a long way to go
      8. Could Float a bit more - havent really looked into this, the only place I float much (maybe too much) is BB Vs SB.

      Any feedback would be much apreciated.

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