serious bolg, at last

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      I've tried my hand at blogging a few times already (Deucescracked, 2p2) but it ended up being kind of silly.
      Therefore I thought "why not try pokerstrategy?"
      Reasons are mostly the smilies :s_love: and the better community compared to most other forums.
      If there's anyone that wants to read my older shenanigans, I'm PrinzVonHapunkt on DC, Koerperkarle on 2p2 / Leggo.

      Looks like this is the part where I'm supposed to share my poker story.

      For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to purchase a poker book (sometime in 2010), although I had never really played the game. Armed with a starting hand chart and instructions on raising for information I deposited 20$ to play 2NL on Full Tilt which I quickly ran down to 10$ and ended up busting at 5NL. ;(
      Somehow I discovered pokerstrategy + a german poker forum which enabled me to give 2NL another shot. Somewhere around that time I bought a limit holdem book which helped me more than that beginner's NLHE book, although the question HOW MUCH SHOULD I BET was left unanswered.

      Due to some rungood I doubled the 50$ in a month or 2 and I discovered Deucescracked + The Coaching Tree :f_o:
      Wow! Betting for protection!
      That series + some mathematical ones helped me tons I think + I made my way up till 10NL.
      Oh boy, at the time everyone seemed so solid at 10NL and I lost 10 buy ins in a week ( :s_o: ) (100$ :s_o: ) and frustrated as I was I got coaching for 7.5 buy ins :rolleyes:
      After spending a crapton of 10nl buy ins on coaching I ended up beating 10NL for a good clip, aswell as 25NL (in reality I was just very lazy, in hindsight I think I would have made that progress with some active video-watching + session reviews maybe even in a smaller timespan
      (Is it short timespan? I'm german if you haven't noticed already, imo is kind of a shitstorm though, except for the BBV :heart: )

      Back to the story though.
      I'm really not sure what happened in 2011 / what was 2011 and what was the first half of 2012 but somehow I donked my way up to shot taking 50NL.
      Somewhere around that time I made a propbet with a buddy (The first to reach a 100k winning sample on 400NL+ wins, loser has to give 1/5th of his bankroll at that time)
      and ended up downswinging for quite a while (I think this is first half of 2012).
      Semi-long-so-I-guess-not-really-long-at-all story short, I rebuilt.
      And I shot-took.
      And it went badly.
      And I rebuilt + took some coaching :f_p:
      That's where we are now, I have a decent roll together for 50NL, not far away from shotting 100NL (BR-wise obv, I suck skill-wise, currently getting coaching again.

      you all waited for it, here's my lifetime graph

      And to make this a stereotypical blog post, here are my goals for 2013:
      Supernova: 0/100000 VPP
      Hours played: 0/1111
      Hours studied: 0/333
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