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Bad Mindset

    • BigAl123456
      Joined: 21.07.2010 Posts: 4,080
      It seems that I am falling into the same patens as last year, last year I was playing SNGs and after a mostly great 2011 that ended horrible I started 2012 the same way, but I thought that my SNG game was great and it was just variance and the Blind structure at Party that I wasn’t winning anymore and because I did not have SNG Wiz. So I changed rooms to Ongame to get SNG Wiz free and grind Bonuses and the bonuses kept coming and still I did not improve my game and tried to just grind bonuses. Eventually I had a meltdown and quit SNGs.

      A few months later I started grinding CGs after cashing out a lot of what was left of my roll ~$400 I started on Stars grinding NL10 FR Zoom and non Zoom, focused on improving my game. I got my roll back toward $700 then had a miner meltdown because I didn’t have HEM so I wasn’t sure if I was good player or not and that hurt mindset. So I cashed out more of my BR too buy it, then I decided to grind MTSNGs because I had been grinding MTTs on Sundays. I was doing pretty well playing with 300BI BRM so I was only playing max $1.50 games and then I had another miner meltdown because I knew that grinding for like $8 a win wasn’t really going to help me since I am 22 years old from Australia where I cant make a very good hrly rate. So I quit and decided to go and look for a job. That lasted about 2 days, then I went back to grinding NL10 and my confidence was restored with HEM2.

      I was going very well until the launch of FTP, now this was a good thing because I was getting my ~$600 from FT, I cashed most of this out for my Birthday and a music festival. Now a new problem had emerged all tho it didn’t seem like a problem at the time with FT relaunching it was obv that Poker Rooms were going to play hard to try and keep there traffic and with Party offering the 1k reload bonus and FT having there "DMI" bonus I decided to do both. So I put my roll on Party to get the reload bonus then moved to FT to clear the re-launch bonus.

      This is where I think things started going bad until this point my play study goals where going well. I was playing in the mornings then going to the gym then study in afternoon with more play at night. When I started grinding these bonuses it has turned into Grind in the morning til afternoon then gym then get home then struggle to post hand before going down the park for sprint training dinner or Rugby League training then bed. I just don’t get enough time to get all the study I want in my aim was to get.

      Posting hands
      30 mins of reading articles
      1 BSS Video
      1 MTT Video
      30 Mins of improving mental game/reading a blog

      At the moment it is a struggle to just post hand, another reason posting hand is hard is that it is easily the most boring part of poker. So now I fell like my game has stalled and that I am obsessed with $ instead of improving my game, this morning I was up like $30 in 30 mins at NL10 6-Max FF, then I lost 1 stack and that sent me on insta tilt, and my game was getting worse I ended up quitting after less than 2hrs in because I felt that I wasn’t playing well and was obsessed with winning money rather than playing well.


      1. Quit SNGs in 2012 because I wasent improveing my game and just trying to grind bonuses
      2. Started playing NL10 with goal of makeing sure I improve my game
      3. When FT reopened and Party offered relode bonus I went for it and now feel like I am at cliff 1
      4. Fell like my game has stalled and am just obsed with winning and not wth improveing
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    • sirilidion
      Joined: 15.04.2008 Posts: 1,656
      I didn't do a lot of studying to till I started forcing myself to study at least 1 to 2 hours a day and post in my blog what I have done while studying and how the games whent. For me studying before playing is much better. You get into the right mindset and when studying after the sessions if those sessions whent horrible you might not feel motivated anymore to do the training.