Hi Dude:)

Finally i've made it to here:D first action here is to post a comment to this wonderful thread:D


I think you fold way too much at flop for cbets (def should be less than 50%!!!)
I think you barrel too less at turn, and also dont x/c enough or x/r, so i think you are more floateble, than a std player, if you know what i meant...
you fold too much at river also for cbets (definietly there would be a lot of good 3barrel spot against you, i think)
maybe more bet vs missed cbet should be also good?

Of course these are average statistics, but i think you don't get/see the spots where you should call and so on...

Dunno, maybe variance, but you seems like a nit postflop : D (also pre in the nittier side, but maybe this is not a problem at nl100-200)

@Coaches: Any thoughts about these?