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    • Natrilis
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      Hey all i want to ask you about ipoker networks, Im playing now at unibet SH 20nl , but i want move to one of ipoker network to play speed poker, because i dont want to play anymore on anonymous tables .and want to get first deposit bonus and good RB deal . I want to ask about speed poker its soft and good traffic ?, its better to play than zoom on pokerstars? I thinking about willian hill
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    • jules97
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      No timebank is the worst part of it.
    • Gentari
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      I only play 5nl Speed and it is soft, typically 12% - 16% players/flop

      Traffic at 5nl is usually around 250 - 350 players of which a small portion are on more than 1 table.

      Traffic is less as you go up the limits, but timing is essential. Currently 09:00 GMT 20nl Speed has 50 players and 50nl has 65 players.

      Obviously at peak times 18:00 GMT onwards there are more.

      good luck
    • zumpar
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      nl20-50 speed usually has on average the same traffic, slightly less at nl50....

      around 100-150 players at peak hours
      around 50-80 players at like 01:00-09:00 gmt,

      but even at off hours, you can still play 3-4 tables comfortably

      NL100 only has about 50-60% of nl50 player pool, and there is pretty much nobody on nl200 speed tables, usually 0-1 guy sitting at the tables or very rarely there is like 6-7 players and there is 1 table running but thats it

      the thing that sucks big time is the lack of time back, often u just cant make a correct decision given just the lame 10 seconds, its impossible

      oh yeah, and support sucks, they just tilt you every time u chat with them...

      but the player pool is pretty soft, once you get used to the annoying mss'ers
    • Natrilis
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      Hey guys , Very thanks for replys :) I still thinking where i have to move , maybe i have to play some normal tables on other poker room , because i like to think sometimes 30sec and more.
      I think 10sec on speed poker isnt enough for me .
    • Dublimax
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      I think you will be fine playing 2 tables of speed. I wouldn't recommend more tables to anyone trying to improve their game.
    • GarlicYum
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      played about 35k hands of speed. Players are pretty bad but there's lots of shortstackers and traffic is way worse than for zoom. You'll quite often have to play 3-5 handed
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      Hey guys,

      I've moved this to a more relevant board :)

      Best regards,
    • Riverdiver
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      What is the best advice for people playing nl5 without a hud, besides getting one?

      Also, how do you stay at the table when you fold, so you can see a possible showdown?
    • lodinn
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      Originally posted by Riverdiver

      Also, how do you stay at the table when you fold, so you can see a possible showdown?
      this is not possible at speed poker
    • Riverdiver
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      So I can barely make notes, that officially blows :f_confused:
    • gAsheks
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      whats the thing you dislike in anonymous tables? i just wanted to try them out...