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Quiz Question

    • xxxxxx192RNMD
      Joined: 27.02.2011 Posts: 24
      "Stacks & Stats
      UTG ($25)
      MP ($25)
      CO ($25)
      BU ($25)

      Preflop: Hero is SB with A :diamond: K :diamond:
      3 folds, BU raises, Hero ?

      fold (0 Points)
      call (0 Points)
      3-bet/fold (0 Points)
      3-bet/push (2 Points)

      Your answer 3-bet/fold (0 Points)
      In this situation, you are confronted with a steal from the button. Your hand is much too strong for a fold. If you decide to just call, you put yourself into a tough spot post-flop. In case you flat-call AKs here, which hands would you 3-bet? A 3-bet should thus be standard.

      3-bet/fold with AK would be really annoying in this spot as the button stealing-range is very loose, meaning you can expect 4-bets more often. If you 3-bet here, you should be willing to go broke - 3-bet/(call)push is the best choice here."

      In the article is said specifically that AA and KK were the only hands to go all in with. QQ and AK were "supposed" to be folded. Is it because of the short table (only 6 players)? Thanks.
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    • mbml
      Joined: 27.11.2008 Posts: 20,795

      1) late position dynamics - BU ranges are wider, thus 3betting ranges from SB should be wider, and thus 4betting ranges should be wider as well

      2) 3b/fold only makes more sense if you know for sure that
      a. your opponent never 4bet bluffs and folds to a 5b
      b. your opponent is only 4betting KK+ for value.
      c. You think that worse hands call you, but only better hands reraise you

      3) your quote from the article was more of a beginner's article, it is just very general advice.

      4) This is 6max, you are right that people usually reraise with wider ranges in 6max because ranges are wider.