The Four Month Challenge(2013)(May-September)

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      New Thread and new challenge and unfortunately it seems i will not be able to get SNE as i thought, not because it's impossible but more like i need to change few things in my life and first thing is to move out of the nest :)

      Anyway, i again withdraw 2k$ bankroll :facepalm: and bought things which i didnt need to(like xbox and other things) and also cleared some of my remaining loans and after i will finish paying my last loan(~2500$ left) i will never, ever take any loans from banks.

      Small poker history: Started to take poker more seriously last year in June and up until now i played more than 2.5 million hands mostly in NL2 and NL5 also some NL10(like 20-40k hands only) and i won more than 6k$ but as you can see i was scared to play higher and that's is one of my biggest leaks(also withdrawing money whenever i reach 1.5k :D ) so i will change this too.
      Also This march in my previous thread i wrote that if i will not win any tourneys from 14-24 March i will stop playing poker but in the end i won 1.10$ for ~550$, also finished 13th in BIG 4.40$(where i lost a 1.5 million pot) and also finished in many 40-50 places, so i'm not that unlucky as i first thought,anyway...

      There's a small chance that i will move to Korea this year but it will be more clear in June, so need wait.

      Forgot what else i wanted to say but anyway if it was important than i will write it later :)

      Also i started to play PokerSchool Open skill league and first place gets 1.5k$ second place 750$ and third ~500$ or smth so i hope to get in top10 at the end of the month(right now i'm 700 points behind LOOOL :D )

      I started to play with 100$ at the end of April so my goals for May are:

      Beat NL2 {}
      Beat NL5 {}
      Start playing NL10 {}
      Have more than 50bi for NL10 {}
      Sell my xbox(after i will finish Metro: Last light) {}
      Lose weight to 85kg(91kg at the moment) {}
      Get in Top 10 in PokerSchool Open skill league {}

      damn can't remember what else i wanted to write, but oh well hope this Thread will be interesting and also thanks for reading, posting :)

      ah yeah:

      NL2 - will play until i'll have 200$(100bi) and will take 10bi(50$) shots at NL5, move down when i'll lose 10bi in NL5

      NL5 - will play until i'll have 500$(100bi) and will take 10bi(100$) shots at NL10, move down when i'll lose 10bi in NL10


      Ok for now it will be enough :)
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