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I'm All-in!!

    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      I'm starting this blog because I want to have even more motivation into executing goals I will set for myself. I want to become a great poker player. I want to play midstakes someday and some big tournaments like WPT, EPT etc. Maybe meet some great people throu this forum. And most important: to have a good mindset throu life. And I belive this blog will help me. How? By reminding me what are my goals, by helping me achcieve them in time and by reminding me not to give up if things don't go way you planned. Hell no!! If you think about it life would be so boring and depressing if things would only go as planned. But anyway those are the most important reasons for me starting this blog. Ah, one more: Stop the Bullshit and start to act. A Bullshit is a subject for another post so let's go to the..

      My name is Paul, I was born and I live in Poland (so I apologize for mistakes in my English from now on, I will try to make as little of them as possible thou) and I am 24 years old. I finished high school and I even went to university but it wasn't what I expected so i quit. Then I had some boring jobs with low sallary while I was still meeting with my girlfriend that I started dating just after high school. I played a lot of WoW back then as I loved to play games my whole life and I also was changing my job very often because i didn't liked it, meeting with friends and moving to eventually set on our own with my family. In Poland it's hard to get job that is well payed (and by well payed I don't mean like 3-4k euro but the job that will let you live on your own in some rent apartment and have money to eat and pay the bills. I'm not complaining - those are facts) Some time 2 years ago when I was struggling to find another job my friend said "Maybe just play poker?". I was like "What? Oo" and he replied "My sister know this guy, on her university, that makes a living out of online poker". At that point I thought "If some guy can do this why I couldn't?", and went to bookstore and bought a book that will introduce me to poker because I only knew 5draw rules. So thats how it started. I would love to be able to write: "Now, 2 years later, I'm crushing midstakes, I live in Malta, I'm having a great time and I have a beautifull fiancee". While those last 2 are true, the first and second is only a dream. That lead's us to..

      Present time:
      After 2 years of playing poker I play NL25-50 FR with some 6-20$ MTT. I just quit another shitty job and I have some money saved but thats all progress from times when I haven't heard of online poker and was in othere crappy job without money saved. I had some hard time last 2 years with my self, thinking I will never achieve any succes and being depressed from time to time. But I won't blame the universe. I wont blame my family and my environment. I won't blame "A Series of Unfortunate Events". I'm blaming myself: my work ethic, lazyness, hanging with people that won't bring anything interesting to my life, bad attitude toward games, lacking of good habits, lack of plan for life, and so on, and so on.. But that's all done for now, because now i start new chapter in my life that's called:

      Cut the bullshit:
      I'm gonna grind and learn poker they way Gordon teaches - simple way. I'm gonna create some good habits, plan for next month and year and I will day-to-day follow that plan and do it by litle steps. I will work on my mental game. I'm gonna work hard on changing my work ethic so i can be example to others and I will choose people I spend time with so I won't waste a minute of my life. And the most important: I will be happy! So.. how am I going to do this? Well..

      It's Simple:
      I will put plans on my blog and then I will post every sunday saying how much I did this week. I'm gonna grind 8-9 hours a day 4-5 days a week and I'm gonna learn to do proper session review so I can learn from my mistakes. When I will be good at Nl25-50 FR I will start to move to SH and learn more from some videos and probably some coaching. So..

      Let's begin!
      Here is my plan for may:
      - Grind ring games 4-5 times a week
      - Go to gym 3-4 times a week
      - Habits:
      - Waking up when alarm clock rings
      - Everyday that it is possible make a Session Review right after breakfast
      - 1 motivational/mindset/theory vid per week

      Not too many points because I want to keep it simple and focus on those things.

      Here is my general plan for 2013 I will make it better by the end of may but will post them now anyway:

      - Getting better at poker- Playing NL50SH / 12-30$ MTT
      - Creating at least 2 good habits every month
      - Have some great holidays
      - Update'ing this blog EVERY week

      Also I plan to write a some posts on subjects like mindset and how my approach towards gaming evolved over time but that's another story because I have other things on my head.

      So, as I said before:
      I'm All-in!!
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    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      Today is a week from starting this blog so here we go with an update:

      Real Life:
      I organized a birthday grill party for the closest friends together with my girlfriend(fiancee) and it was great. We all had fun, drink some beer and had a good time. About goals that I have set for may, I'm happy of all the things I did. I was grinding whenever I could, went to gym 3 times, I'm setting alarm clock always for 7 hour of sleep and so far always got up the minute it started to rang. Also, beside gym I was doing something healthy (like riding bike, or working physically) every day and I never felt more alive in my life. I'm happy to get up every day.

      played decent amount of hands, and learned few stuff about my game but mostly about my mindset. I started to work on how my session looks like and what I mean by that is that I'm setting goals for session/sessions before I sit on the tables, I also warmup before every session and after session is finished I'm giving my self a score in some of areas which are important I think. I will post them below since maybe someone will give me some tips how to make them even better (add/remove some). Same with warm up. I will try what's working and what's not working for me and try to make it better. I would love to put graph here, but I decided that I will look at my results ever 15th and 30th/31st of every month so I will post it 06.02 I guess.
      About goals that I have set for may, last week I'm happy of all the things I did. I was grinding whenever I could, went to gym 3 times, I'm setting alarm clock always for 7 hour of sleep and so far always got up the minute it started to rang. Also, beside gym I was doing something healthy (like riding bike, or working physically) every day and I never felt more alive in my life. I'm happy to get up every day.

      It's not like I started a blog to brag about how things are great and everything. Althou I played a lot of hands last week I can asure you it's not like I make 10bb/100 or even close to that ( I hope it is something like 4-5 thou oO ). Beside that I have so much work to do regarding my mindset. I'm currently reading "The Mental Game of Poker" which I got from my gf for my birth day and even thou I just started it I already see that I have a lot of work to do regarding my mental game. Today I don't feel very well and don't want to play so much but will see. Maybe I will play some full rings cause they less exhausting and easier.
      Also I feel kinda strange mentally today cause I didn't do warm up before yesterday session and played badly from start. Then I had a headache and decided to not play anymore.
      I'm still results-oriented with my mindset and I hate this. I need to work on it hard because its really getting to me. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing only to win and when I lose, I feel bad which is ridiculous because it's normal thing. Without being able to lose you would not be able to win in any game.
      I wanna enjoy just playing, not care if I win hand or lose (doesn't mean that i don't want to play as good as possible but I think you know what I mean). Being results-oriented is worst thing in poker.

      Here are categories that I'm judging myself after every session and give myself a score:
      Warming Up
      Goal Focus
      Mindset // Result orientation

      Any ideas of other categories I can put here?

      And also anyone of you doing some warm up before session?

    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      I'm not gonna write much today, because nothing happened last week.

      Real life:
      I've teached some of my friends how to play poker and they really liked it. Other things – usual stuff – gym, poker, relaxing with my fiancee.

      I'm not very happy about last week. Making a living out of poker puts a lot of pressure and the pressure shows flaws in your game. That's bad for your winrate but good for your overall poker progress, because you know what you need to work on more. And I have many flaws to work with. My main flaw is mindset. I bet that with perfect attitude I could double my winrate. All I need is just more concentration, less leveling game( I srsly have to stop this.. ) and more goal orientation throughout the session.
      My goal for the next week is simple:
      For every session set precise goals and FOCUS on them as hard as I can. We will see how it goes.

    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      Hi there Atalol,

      Good to see you blogging and setting positive goals!

      I don't know if you already know of these threads, but I'll post them for you anyway.
      There is a whole world of information about various topics of mindset, tilt, goal setting, emotional and psychological issues and much much more, all by our top professionals.

      Just click the links and I hope there is something there to interest you. :)

      #1 Erik Stenqvist:

      [EmbraceTilt] Erik Stenqvist: Tilt, A-Game, Mindset, and Lifecoaching ~ Q&A

      #2 Schnitzelfisch

      The quick guide to skyrocketing your poker and life productivity - COMPLETED! [Interview Inside!]

      #2a Schnitzelfisch Q & A - Become a productive poker player!

      #3 Jared Tendler

      +++Q&A with Jared Tendler!!+++

      And if you look through this one there are some recordings of mindset and other psychological help coachings.

      #4 Erik and Schnitzelfisch

      [MINDSET SEMINAR] with Schnitzelfisch & Erik Stenqvist - Feedback thread + Recordings

      I hope you find at least something useful,

      P.S. your English is fine. :heart:


    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      Wow, thanks for this, I will check those topics tommorow after gym. :f_thumbsup: :f_thumbsup:

      EDIT: Checked some of links and I foud very usefull informations there, so again THANK YOU for that.
    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      I looked throu some of links gadget51 gave me, and they are very good for people who struggle with mindset and work ethic. I was already doing some things mentioned in this guide, and it's working very good.

      Here is a graph:

      Most of my losings are on 6max so this month I'll pass 6max and will focus on FR and MTT's. Despite my poor ring game performance over the course of may it was very good month. I need to work on few more things that include focus, mindset and my red line, but overal I'm very happy.

      Here are goals for june:

      Grind FR+MTT 4-6x week 9h MAX WINRATE
      Platinum PS status
      Gym 3-4 x week
      Having a great time :)

      - Waking up with alarm clock
      - Looking at odds whenever I think of calling

      And here are simple 2013 goals:

      Regular MTT 12-100$ player

      Grind FR 50-100NL with good winrate (6/100 min)

      Building bankroll for Live MTT/P*

      Having a great time :D

    • legand73
      Joined: 01.06.2010 Posts: 4,136
      Hey Atalol

      keep going strong with your goals! Yeah i find the motivational material we have here at is very useful. I also find that when going to the gym regularly I have more energy to play poker. Good luck with all your goals.

    • Atalol
      Joined: 10.05.2011 Posts: 881
      I haven't played a much last week - I needed a break. It was very good for me and now I can go back to grind with fresh head. I dont know thoui f I can maintain Platinum status on PS but we will see. I also think of closing this blog. I turned out not to be a blog guy. That doesn't mean I stop with my goals or anything - I have them printed in front of me and I still work with The Mental game of Poker etc., it's just I dont write here a lot and I don't feel like I need.
      For now: Good luck at the tables and prior to all - Have fun!