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Advantages comparing to HM1?

    • Pkrpains
      Joined: 04.10.2010 Posts: 382
      Hello everyone,

      I currently own HM1, but have a feeling that this is getting pretty outdated when compared to new software like PT4 and HM2.

      So I'll be straight, what are the benefits, relevant useful features, etc I'd enjoy if I switched to PT4 (I play cash)?

      Thank you for your time.
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    • PokerTracker
      Joined: 07.06.2011 Posts: 704
      You can get a list of all of PokerTracker 4's advantages here:

      The list is far too long for this post, but some key features include:
      • ICM built into PokerTracker 4, including automation of Net Adjusted Winnings at no extra cost
      • NoteTracker automated notes built into PT4 at no extra cost
      • Built in equity calculator that populates player holdings to simplify calculation + the most advanced omaha range selection tools in any tracker
      • In Position and Out of Position stats
      • Custom Stats, Reports, HUDs, and Themes downloadable from our website
      • double click to drill down into reports, or drag over graphs to filter report data below
      • The most user friendly yet rediculously powerful filters, designed to look a lot like iOS switches makes for an easier learning curve for using the filters
      • Drag and Drop HUD Editor
      • Holdem Hand Range Visualizer
      • Hand Range Modeling - the only tool we know that includes this very powerful feature

      But don't take our word for it, the best way to review PokerTracker 4 is by downloading our 30 day free trial. Additionally you can review the training videos created by
    • Pkrpains
      Joined: 04.10.2010 Posts: 382
      Thank you for your reply!

      I somehow managed to forget that there is a free 30-day trial available, so my OP looks really noob-ish even to me now. :f_love:

      I am going to try it out for sure. :heart: