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Moving up through micro ST SNGs

    • Glopslart
      Joined: 18.05.2008 Posts: 333
      Because work is about to swallow me up, I thought it was a good moment to review the last couple of months. Part of the motivation is the $50 bribe offered to multiple posters - see my earlier post, below the dotted line.

      50c+10c i-poker STT SNGs played in August and September, to date - 221.

      [That is probably not a lot by community standards, but it is a lot for anyone trying to run a real life as well as a poker life.]

      1st places: 26. 2nd places: 30. 3rd places: 36.

      ITM: 41.62%.

      Winnings: $146. Investment including rake: $132.60. Time investment - massive. Profit: $13.40 X( . ROI: 13.4 divided by 132.6 = 10.1%.

      The influence of 20% rake is always worth analysing. Rake paid totals $22.10. "Standard" 10% rake would have been $11.05.

      Total investment with "standard" rake would have been $121.55.

      $146 winnings minus $121.55 = $24.45. $24.45 divided by $121.55 = ROI of 20.1%.

      The difference is worthy of contemplation. The house really eats you at these stakes, and the bonus points earned won't fill the gap significantly.

      I'm disappointed at not recovering gold status for next month. I know it's achievable, once I have ground my bankroll back to where I can play $1+20c STTs with sound BRM. On the other hand, I did not mega-tilt and freak my stack back down to $8 again.

      I believe that I am capable of playing at somewhat higher limits than $1 and making 'real' money again, and the sooner I leave 20% rake :f_mad: behind me, the better.

      What have I learned?
      # Well, taking care not to fall asleep during a session really helps your ROI, and it is a trait I recommend to the community.

      # I am still occasionally going crazy with AK and AQ at low blind levels, but not as much as before.

      # I don't pay as much attention to position as I should. I think the choices playing a pot post-flop OOP with any non-monster hand are pretty polarised. You either put the hammer down [having thought through what Villain might be holding] or give up pronto because, IMHO, the stack sizes normally do not give leeway for subtlety. Perhaps I should not rush to put myself in spots where I have to make decisions OOP.

      # The bubble! I am still busting out in 4th much too often for my taste, and haven't worked out why.

      All change!

      As if I didn't have enough problems, PS is putting out a new teaching programme on SNGs - more to learn! The new doctrine appears to be: 'bet smaller, but bet looser'. [I may have misunderstood that, I'm working on it.]

      To be continued .......


      This is the start of a shameless assault on the $50 bait offered for grinding 30 posts in September.

      By way of intro, I am veeery old, and one of my main leaks is falling asleep and losing my whole buy-in.

      Besides that I have the 'normal' noob leaks of overplaying AK and AQ .

      I used to play SNGs with moderate seriousness and success a few years back, but play them just for enjoyment these days [of course, winning is what I actually enjoy most].

      I am very grateful to PS for the $50 stack you started me with. I ran it all the way up to about $140, then ran it down to $8 [not the fault of SNG variance, but my delusions involving 7-stud].
      Watch me as I crawl up from the gutter - the target this month is gold status - let's see if I can hack it. I will be posting on the SNG forums, so you can all have a laugh
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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, Glopslart!

      Nice presentation you've put out there. As a SnG player, I recommend you also to post a lot of hands in our hand evaluation forums, get tracking software(but I assume you have one), watch videos suitable for your status. And by the way, if you achieve Gold, you are gonna have all the video materials needed to beat not just the micros, but also the low limits.

      Also, try to hook up with some fellow grinders to maybe do a session review once a week or so.

      Also, I think this post is more suitable for the blog section. Making a blog to follow your progress and share current and future goals is gonna be very helpful for your overall game and mental state.

      Best of luck!
    • arthurbentley
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 271
      10% roi is very good considering the rake and fast blind structure. Well done so far!