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An extraordinairy life: Moving outside the box... wait why should I ?

    • CharlesPkR
      Joined: 07.12.2008 Posts: 7,399
      It is very important to always keep a good "structure" in life : sleep schedule, nutrition and exercise are the basics imo. Social life too.
      Then after that we can put in other things like job or poker etc…

      I can't agree more with "losing balance happens faster than you might realise !"

      Thanks for the lesson/reminder ;)
    • Wolfske
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 6,277
      I'm still alive !

      Struggled a bit with myself lately .. but not in a negative sense. Didn't feel bad or something, just didn't know what to do with my life .. I have a good job and I love poker .. I was thinking about turning pro in a couple of years maybe ..

      I really want to climb a ladder but I don't know wich wall I want to climb ... I start(ed) to question a ton of things ... Like I first wrote about wanting to be the social guy with the amazing girlfriend and a great job .. who could go out to the disco and have fun ...

      That's not me at all.. I don't even like the disco .. who am I fooling ? I like poker and I like being important and that's exactly what I'm doing with my life .. I spoke to all the important people in the company last friday and I loved it (well it was more a live interview actually but that doesn't matter) I met a lot of interesting people and I loved it ... I met the CEO and I loved it ...

      I also did an exam for a little upgrade of my function .. well first my teamleader was doubting if she would let me because I'm only 9 months on my job .. while others are doing it for years and didn't succeed for the exams .. it was also for certain skills I just learned and now I was trying to be some kind of an expert ... wel guess what. Seems like I have a talent and today I heard I passed the exam and was one of the 6 people who get the 'little upgrade' (not an upgrade in money but that's not the point).. I am proud of what I achieved.

      Also poker .. I had a 1K downswing on the $7 45mans I thought I couldn't beat them. Started doubting myself but also working harder .. Gues who had a 700$ upswing last 2 weeks .. I learned so much on poker I'm winning now :)

      And for the rest .. I'm not interested in a girlfriend or a huge social network of friends .. I just need a couple good ones for the moment it's all I have time for and it feels good like this :)

      So this is becoming a journey to finding out who I really am and not trying to transform myself to someone I am not .. I think this last sentence sums it up nicely ..

      Maybe you should question yourself .. are you trying to be the best YOU or are you trying to be someone you are not

      (oh yeah my eating and exercising is going dramatic, that is something I should change though :) )

      To be continued
    • Wolfske
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 6,277
      Busy with poker and work .. little update.

      Still have the same feeling as in my last. Haven't decided yet what I want to do with my social life. I also only go once to the gym a week .. it's not the 5 times a week as a year ago..

      Wel I'm healthy, I'm happy and everything is going great (work and pokerwise). In 2 weeks I'll be attending a queens of the stone age concert wich is awesome ! :D

      Should find some new social activities I guess .. the problem is .. I am an MTT player .. so I need the traffic late at night and during the week there isn't much time to play .. so I use my weekend to play a lot .. that's why I choose not to go out but to play poker.. pretty hard to combine ..

      So still figuring this out .. still have social contact at the gym though wich makes it nice (I don't like working out anymore and lost my fitness goals cause I don't really care about that anymore ..)

      We'll see .. at least I'm healthy, productive and happy .. still have time to find out what I want in life. It's hard !