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Medicine Student or Poker Player?

    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64
      Hi guys!

      I - Introducing myself :

      I am 27 years old and as the title says I am a medicine student and a poker player. As a medicine student I started at the beginning of 2004 and I will graduate at the end of 2009. As a poker player I started around 2005 and I will never stop, neither graduate lol.
      I am an old member of pokerstrategy ( since 2006 maybe, don´t remember now ) but I have never been active at foruns. ( except for few weeks posting at SSS foruns )

      Between 2006 and 2007 I had some free time at college and played a lot of poker, but never studied as I should. Saw a lot of videos, read some articles but nothing really solid. I played SSS-FR , BSS-SH, BSS-FR, MTTs , and most recently included PLO. As you can see, my game play wasn´t that solid either. As a result my Bankroll was always running like a roller coaster with big downs and ups. I used to make some BR management but now I can see that it was really poor management.

      A lot of things happened ( like turning a 8k$ br into almost 0$ ), and I will jump to nowadays. If something interesting from the past come into my mind, then I talke about it.

      So, tired of these swings, and concluding that I am far from a solid player and full of leaks I decided to start from the bottom again.

      II - Self analisys

      I am not a total rookie ( at least I hope that I am not ), and I am confident I can beat NL10$ and NL25$ today. The next limits only time will tell me. But I really plan to play at NL200$ ( long term goal ) and get bankroll and knowledge to play PLO50$ or PLO100$. But that´s not my focus now. I will try to make things up step by step.

      There are 3 big leaks at my gameplay/behavior.

      1 - I tilt too much.
      2 - I don´t respect the br management strictly
      3 - Sometimes I play in auto-pilot mode.

      1 & 2 are linked each other...When I am on tilt, I am more tempted to climb limits. Or when I try a shot at higher limits and got suckouted I tilt. So its like a vicious circle and I really working to stop this happening from now on.

      I think number 3 is a result of playing without focus or tired and maybe I can fix this.

      Of course there are other leaks like a lot of techincal ones and reducing the time spent with study as I start to win more at poker.

      Oh and I almost forgot number 4 ( actually the #4 is not a "leak"). I don´t have too much time to poker now. As said before I will graduate at the end of next year, so I need to really concentrate at my real profession as poker is only a hobby for me now.

      So maybe I can take 1-2 hours a day to try to reach my goals ( somedays more, somedays less )

      I will post my goals in the next post so this one won´t get too long nor too scary for readers.

      PS: I am not english nor american, my english is quite poor, so forgive me any mistakes and feel free to correct me ( I would really like it ).
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    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64
      III - Goals :

      I will determine three kinds of goals and will post updates wheter I achieved them or not.

      In the future maybe I can add or change some goals.

      I don´t know if I will post daily here so the daily goals can be uptdated delayed.

      I - Daily goals
      II - Mid Terms Goals
      III - Permanent Goals

      I - Daily Goals :

      1 - Play NL10$ at FTP ( 6 handed ). I will play the avaiable free hours I can get daily but I will stop playing as soon as I reach 200 full tilt points ( it should be around 2,5k hands at normal rate or 1,250 at happy hours - looking forward Iron Man end-of-year bonus ) I will be happy with silver status each month. Gold or Iron would be very nice but I am not expecting this for now.
      While playing I will take notes of the hands I had some kind of doubt.
      2 - Post these hands at the forun, read the answer of the previous ones and try to reply at other topics.
      3 - If there is avaiable time, watch some coaching video, read an article or attend some coaching. I can do this number 3 at any moment - no need to be after my session.
      4- Try to update the blog ( if there are any readers ) frequently.

      II - Mid terms Goals

      1 - Build Bankroll for move ups. I will try a conservative BR management trying to move up each limit with 70+ buy-ins
      2 - Cashout some money and buy pokersofwares, or pay another pokerschool ( after seeing all PS videos of NL SH ), or even give me a gift or a nice weekend.
      3 - Reviewing the goals I achieved and adding new ones if necessary.

      III - Permanent Goals

      1 - Get a balanced life style: Try to sleep well, eat nice food, exercise my body, study medicine, have some fun ( read - nice social life ) and playing some poker.
      2 - Self-control, br management an discipline. ( this should fix a little of the tilt trigger )
      3 - Learn how to lose like a gentleman and not like a enraged dog.

      I think that´s all, maybe not achievable but I will ty hard to do my best, as far as I can. Oh, and just to remember, my #1 goal is become a good doctor and do thing well. Helping people and not causing any harm over all. So if I run out of time prob poker will be cut-ff for a moment.

      Cya guys.
    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64

      Well, its my first day. It would be a shame if I didn´t updated.

      I - Daily Goals :

      1 - OK - Played 1258 hands and it was a nice session. I run like 16/12/3.3 nad made around 6 ptbb/100 hands. I called a little bit more than usual but that´s because the game was quite aggro today and I don´t feel 100% confortable in 3beting a lot.
      2 - OK - Took note and posted hands at the forum.
      3 - OK - Just watched a PS video.
      4- Ok - 1st update.
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,273
      Seeing as im pretty sure you can beat these lower limits nl10 and nl20 i think a br of 70+ by-ins for these is completly pointless imo. When you reach higher limits i can completly understand why you'd want a more conservative brm but for now id just stick to 20-30 buy-ins.

      Anyways good luck in the future and your blogs pretty organised keep at it. :P
    • arjun2001
      Joined: 28.03.2008 Posts: 352
      I see poker as a hobby for u med coz med grads make like 100 k/year starting salary in Canada. Good luck with your poker goals! :)
    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64
      Well, I am not living at Canada. Probably not winning here as much as in Canada, but much more than I can make playing poker, lol.

      And yes, poker is like a hobby, or much more than that...but its not a profession for me right now.

      UPDATE 30 - 31 / August.

      I didn´t play yesterday neither I am going to play today because I will spend the weekend with my girlfriend. Maybe I will play Sunday night.

      I will keep updating.

      By the way I posted some hands at BSS NL10$ forum and liked a lot the comments.

    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64
      UPDATE - 09/01

      Played 550 hands today.

      A litlle bit more tighty, it runned around 12/10 and won around 25$ making it 23ptbb/100 hands.

      That´s it, I am a bit tired now and I will talk more later.

      Cya guys!
    • Kruppe
      Joined: 20.02.2008 Posts: 2,145
      cool blog.

      I play on ftp too. (not the sme games as you though :)
      Do you know how the iron man thing affects rakeback?
    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64

      You can choose from freeroll prizes or medals right?

      If you choose the freeroll you will be deduced. The amount is determined by the prize pool divided into the number of players. ( i.e - if tou play a 20k freeroll with another 999 players you will be deduced 20$ from your rakeback, so it iwould not be a really "freeroll".

      Ok, then you choose bonus medals. It won´t affect your bankroll until you use them.
      I will spend my medals buying some kind o of bônus. When you get a bônus at FTP it deduces a little from your rakeback, but it still worthing because it works with something like a 40% rakeback ( using rakeback + bonus ).

      I think that´s it.
    • Werkon
      Joined: 29.06.2008 Posts: 78
      Nice and well strctured blog, I wish you only the best :)
    • AndreMG
      Joined: 05.01.2007 Posts: 64
      Ty Werkon.

      I have some news. First of all, sorry for not updating recently. I will stay at my hometown for the next two months. I don´t know how to say that in english, but I am kinda working at the hospital here. Its no a real work as I didn´t graduated yet. But we call it here as a "stage" but I don´t know if is has any meaning in english.
      Anyway I got very busy this week. "worked" there tons of hours and had to study a lot at home.

      This took me a lot of my "poker time" and maybe the thing won´t change much until this "stage" is over.

      As I pretended to reach a nice ironman level at FTP and I had almost no time to play poker I changed the NL holdem for PLO.

      The results were anice and I will update with more details later.

      Sorry for not updating again.