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[NL2-NL10] KK vs JJ, opponent catches trips with JJ on flop

    • Dragar
      Joined: 09.09.2008 Posts: 2,214
      GAME #1178295151: Texas Hold'em NL $0.05/$0.10 2008-09-22 19:36:35
      Table Rachyrae
      Seat 1: Nashadar ($11.54 in chips)
      Seat 2: creeping07 ($10.15 in chips)
      Seat 3: esther924 ($5.89 in chips)
      Seat 4: Hehemon ($2.00 in chips)
      Seat 5: playcazry ($9.18 in chips)
      Seat 6: Kosmichs ($3.18 in chips) DEALER
      Seat 7: zwierzakai ($3.03 in chips)
      Seat 8: 00osiris00 ($11.23 in chips)
      Seat 9: PokerFace024 ($6.20 in chips)
      Seat 10: mixa92 ($3.21 in chips)
      zwierzakai: Post SB $0.05
      00osiris00: Post BB $0.10
      *** HOLE CARDS ***
      Dealt to Nashadar [HK CK]
      PokerFace024: Raise (NF) $0.50
      mixa92: Fold
      Nashadar: Raise (NF) $1.00
      creeping07: Fold
      esther924: Fold
      Hehemon: Fold
      playcazry: Fold
      Kosmichs: Fold
      zwierzakai: Fold
      00osiris00: Fold
      PokerFace024: Call $0.50
      *** FLOP *** [HJ D6 S5]
      PokerFace024: Check
      Nashadar: Bet $1.50
      PokerFace024: Call $1.50
      *** TURN *** [S4]
      PokerFace024: Bet $1.28
      Nashadar: Raise (NF) $9.04
      PokerFace024: Allin $2.42
      *** RIVER *** [H10]
      *** SUMMARY ***
      Total pot $17.27 Rake $0.62
      PokerFace024: Shows [CJ SJ]
      Nashadar: wins $5.34
      PokerFace024: wins $11.93

      Ok the only mistake in my play I see is that my preflop re-raise was too small. Can anyone tell me how I could have avoided the outcome of this hand? I am not considering this a bad beat since the guy clearly outplayed me post-flop.
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    • armo
      Joined: 07.03.2008 Posts: 451
      You should reraise about x3 meaning 1.5

      Tough luck but setups like KK vs JJ will nice bring you nice $ longterm. KK vs JJ is as good as it gets, you don't want to make villain fold pf, you want to stack him ;)
    • srohack
      Joined: 02.12.2006 Posts: 1,908
      pls convert the hand otherwise it is very hard to read .
      you should reraise preflop at least 3 x his initial raise . you dont want to give him odds to call with any two cards that he raised .
      on the turn you should just put him allin