Hail PS.com community.

I have recently re-joined the ranks of those looking to grind from zero to hero after a year long sabbatical from online poker and have been reflecting on the benefits one stands to gain through committing themselves to this game and the character it is necessary to cultivate in order to be successful.

It appears to me, though evidently my theorising may be limited by my minimal experience, that we have chosen a very challenging proving ground in making any serious commitment to a game where our hard work and efforts are not always reflected in any concrete return by which to measure success.

Evidently there is an abundance of material on this site regarding this but I am posting a link below, that, far from the title may suggest, I am hoping will fill people with the assurance that 'son, this life is rough, and if a mans gunna making it, you're gunna have to be tough' [Johnny Cash - 'A boy named Sue'] but that with the appropriate application and strength of mind 'the finest steel is tempered by the hottest flame.' [R.Nixon]

10 reasons why you Fail!

Yes, Mr Manson has borrowed a lot of this wisdom from other sources but I don't think that diminishes its impact in any way.