[NL20-NL50] NL50 SH: Flopping oesd with low pair

    • Diedobal
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      $0.25/$0.5 No Limit Holdem
      6 players
      Converted at weaktight.com

      UTG ($50.00)
      UTG+1 ($43.33)
      CO ($56.55)
      BTN ($104.24)
      SB ($50.00) 15/13/1.5
      Hero ($50.00)

      Pre-flop: ($0.75, 6 players) Hero is BB 3:heart: 3:spade:
      1 fold, UTG+1 calls $0.50, 2 folds, SB raises to $2.50, Hero calls $2, UTG+1 folds

      Flop: 4:heart: 6:diamond: 5:club: ($5.75, 2 players)
      SB bets $4, Hero calls $4

      Turn: 4:spade: ($13.75, 2 players)
      SB checks, Hero checks

      River: 2:spade: ($13.75, 2 players)
      SB bets $13.50, Hero ???

      - Flop call or reraise?
      - Bet turn with 8 (maybe 10) outs?
      - What amount to raise river with?
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    • Kaitz20
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      I´d bet on the turn, since I probably have the best hand.
      Calling flop is fine, you´re way ahead against A high hands and can´t really expect that any overpair would fold to your re-raise.
      Can´t really see why villain should bet pot on the river.
      Only re-raise that you can make is all-in shove. But since he probably has bluff or maybe nuts then I´m not sure that shoving here is the best idea.