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Preflop: Rainbow Rundowns

    • IamInSAnE
      Joined: 15.11.2005 Posts: 834
      I have a question regarding rainbow rundowns. Do we play them and if so in which position can we open which rundowns? Suitedness is a very important factor so how much weaker are these rundowns?

      I was thinking about a range like this:

      UTG: only Broadway Rundowns

      MP: T987r+, JT97r+, QJ98r+

      CO: 8765r+, 9876r+, T976r+, J987r+

      BU: 7654r+, 8765r+. 9865r+. T876r+

      Im really not sure about these rainbow rundowns in general so any advice would be very helpful :f_confused:
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    • Skodljivec
      Joined: 17.12.2011 Posts: 5,709

      iirc 60% of the flops will either be twotone or monotone, and only 40% of them will be rainbow. With that data you can see that rainbow hands play poorly in plo, as on 60% of the flops you can flop a huge wrap, and still have a bare FD be a favourite.

      I would avoid openeing ny rb rundown prior to the CO. And in CO+ most can be opened, assuming you don't have an agressive button 3bettor. Ofc this is just general advice, and you can definetly adjust.

      Oh, and ofc, the gappier and the lower the rd, the worse it is obviously. I would never open 8654rb from the CO for example.


    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      I generally don't play any rainbow rundowns beside broadways. If there's a good chance that i could steal blinds or at least take the pot with c-betting, i could raise some decent rainbow like ~8+ rd's CO/BU. Of course if circumstances are those, it's almost doesn't matter what cards you're holding. But having at least some potential to straight may give a little bit extra equity if things don't go as planned.

      But overall imo this kind of hands just suck. Way over 50% of flops are at least two tone and then it's really difficult to play our draw as strongly as we would like to. :(

      Of course i have to mention that i play in micros, so it's allmost crucial to play with much more tighter range than some mid-/high stakes..

      EDIT: Wow, i'm r e a l l y slow writer.. :D