Choosing bonus for my first deposit

    • Balonger93
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      Hey guys,

      I would like to ask whether using the free 20$ bonus or first deposit bonus would be more beneficial. I'd deposit around 50€ and play nl4/5 2-3 hours a day on avarage. I heard stars releases 1st depo bonus in 10$ chunks, so how long would clearing it take me? I don't think I care too much about freerolls, but they do sound kind of good so should I?
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      Hey Balonger93,

      Thanks for your post,

      PokerStars first deposit bonus looks like this:

      :diamond: it's released in chunks of $10
      :diamond: one needs to accumulate 200VPP's for $10 chunk
      :diamond: you can find details about earning VPP's here
      :diamond: one have 120 days to clear the bonus

      Hope this gave you a better picture of which offer suits you better,

      If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask,

      Kind regards,