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Win rate at NL5

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    • redrawstump
      Joined: 09.05.2012 Posts: 244
      So of my maths are right your variance is approx 3.5 bb/100 over this sample size (assuming 70bb over 100 hands) which means you're probably beating the limit but there's about a 10% chance that you are breakeven or worse. 5bb/100 is solid for higher limits. If you're playing nits/rocks (e.g. Zoom) then this is ok. 10bb/100 is usually fairly easy to achieve if you pick good tables (high player in pot%). Given the rake at NL5 any positive score is good tho :)
    • RakeVictim
      Joined: 27.03.2014 Posts: 199
      Originally posted by schelleXL
      I have been playing on NL5 now for 5 months - 40K hands and my win rate is around 5BB/100.

      Is that good or rather weak ? What is normal/average ?
      No offence mate, but you suck at poker or you take poker for fun, not win the moniez ;)

      Play 40k hands in 5 days, not months. Otherwise go play some FIFA or starcraft etc, waste your time there, it's less tilting :)
    • schelleXL
      Joined: 05.05.2011 Posts: 2,223

      yeah, I take it for fun because I work for my money.

      So time to play is an issue when you have a family, a job and other hobbies.

      NL5 is a new limit for me this year, so I needed to adjust a bit also. And I can still learn a lot.

      But i'm committed to gradually get better.

      thks for the opinions.
    • redrawstump
      Joined: 09.05.2012 Posts: 244
      I hear you on the time constraints @schelleXL. I'm in the same situation. TBH the standard of play gets much better from NL10 up. I'm not saying everyone is great or anything but it's hard to put someone on a range at NL2-5 given that there are so many erratic playing styles. At least when the opposition improves you can start playing some poker instead of waiting for villains to spaz. So I wouldn't pay much attention to your winrate, it's more about getting a BR together to move up the limits.