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[Promotion] Guess the hands and win $50!

    • JoshLogan
      Joined: 24.07.2013 Posts: 1,648

      Find yourself calling out opponent's hands during a session? Think your hand reading skills are worthy of envy? Well now's the time to prove it!

      Over the course of two weeks from Monday, June 09 to Sunday, June 22, we'll be posting three hands a week (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, each in a separate thread) for you to try and dissect.

      Simply hazard a guess at what you think both the Hero and Villian in our example hands are playing with to give yourself a chance of netting a cash prize.

      Time has run out for guesses at our second hand. Hero had 44 for a set, Villain had 10h9h for a flush - well done to all those who guessed either hand correctly!

      The third hand is displayed below, post your guesses in this thread.

      Guess The Hand competition: Rules

      • The time for guessing will be in between the time of each hand being posted (a hand posted on Monday can be guessed until Wednesday, when the next hand is posted).

      • Each user is allowed to post one guess each per hand followed by a brief explanation of their decision - "random" guesses will not be considered.

      • Users have to guess Hero and Villian's hole cards (suit indication not required).

      • For each correct guess at Hero's hand, participants will be awarded two tickets to the winner's raffle.

      • For each correct guess at Villian's hand, participants will be awarded one ticket to the winner's raffle.

      • After two weeks have passed and six hands have been posted, tickets to the raffle will be totalled and three winners will be drawn at random; the winners each receive $50 in their Tell-a-Friend accounts.

      • If you don't guess correctly at first, don't be deterred, you still have a chance of winning with only one correct answer.

      Hand #3

      $0.25/$0.50 Zoom No Limit Hold'em
      CO ($49.78)
      BTN ($98.92)
      BB ($51.32)

      Preflop: Hero is BB with ?? ??, Villain is BTN with ?? ??
      2 folds, CO calls $0.50, Villain raises to $2, 1 fold, Hero raises to $5, CO folds, Villain calls $3.

      Flop: ($10.75) (2 players)
      Hero bets $5.60, Villain calls $5.60.

      Turn: ($21.95) (2 players)
      Hero checks, Villain checks.

      River: ($21.95) (2 players)
      Hero bets $11, Villain calls $11.

      Total pot: $43.95

      Have fun and join the game!
  • 17 replies
    • SeagalSteven
      Joined: 21.01.2010 Posts: 926
      Yay, I got the hands right ... only other way round. Also first hand right, hero fullhouse vs villains missed combodraw.. only with incorrect hole cards :f_cry:

      Villain will isolate fish from BTN lightly, and when hero knows that he can also 3-bet rather lightly -> villain can also call wide in position. Betsizes and action postflop are so small/passive, that no-one has a really strong hand here - excluding therefore all flushes, sets, straights, even 2prs seems unlikely.

      Hero QQ
      Villain KJ
    • pokerprons
      Joined: 30.09.2009 Posts: 421
      Hero has AA and Villain has KQ

      Villain makes a standard isolation raise OTB vs a CO limp and Hero makes a standard 3bet with AA OOP. Hero Cbets and Villain calls with TP and both check the T that brings flush cos they have good showdown value and afetr the Villain checks T hero can value bet river to get paid by all TP kind of hands and possibly some bluff catchers.
    • kidzoltan
      Joined: 05.08.2010 Posts: 871
      Hero's bet on the river looks like a valuebet. Hero knows that at that point he can't really bluff, becuase villain will have something and will call it down. So hero's bet is a valuebet. My guess is AK. Villain, I think can have TT,JJ,QQ?, KQ. I will go with KQ.

      HERO: AK
    • crodady
      Joined: 01.05.2009 Posts: 412
      Villian raises with small PP (55) and calls Hero who raises with AK.

      On flop hero c bet and protect from FD and then check becouse of third heart landed on board.

      Hero makes clear value bet on river on pasive villain.


      villain 55

      hero AK
    • seturta
      Joined: 18.04.2014 Posts: 12
      Hero: AK
      Villain: AK

      3 bet to isolate Villain, C- bet on the Flop, check on the turn cause flush arrived,
      Value bet on the river against passive villain
    • trungtran
      Joined: 30.01.2006 Posts: 5
      Villain tries to isolate CO with a marginal hand.
      Hero three bets Villain because he knows that.

      It's a good flop for Hero to Cbet but Villain calls.

      Turn goes check, check.
      Hero doesn't Cbet on the turn. (if Hero has one pair like AA,AK,KQ he checks for pot control; if Hero has air he checks and gives up to a bet; if Hero has a one card flushdraw now he could also check)

      Villan checks behind. (might have one pair like TT, T9, 98 and checks because Villain got showdown value (now) and still some outs for a straight)

      Hero bets half pot. Hero could bet for value with AA, AK or could try to steal the pot with air.
      Villain calls with one pair.

      my guess:
      Hero: AQ with one :heart: and bluffs
      Villain: 98
    • joey1toe
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 370
      Hero - QQ
      Villain - KT

      Hero - Judging by his 1/2 pot bet after the 2.5x 3bet preflop I'm pretty sure he missed on that flop, more so when he checks the river, until the turn he probably has something like AQ, AJ, TT-QQ; however when he 1/2 pot bets the river I can certainly put him on a pair since I think that AJ or AQ would just x/f or x/c.

      Villain - Because of his 200bb stack preflop we can put villain on a wider range of hands, however because he called hero's 3bet I think his range narrows down a little to just broadways, suited connectors and pairs. Flop dosen't change much in his range but because he checked on the turn and called the 1/2 pot bet on the river I assume he has something like 88, TT-QQ, KT, KJ more likely the latter.
    • wealthybrainer
      Joined: 01.05.2013 Posts: 287
      hero: AK with a Ace of heart, because value betting preflop, flop, could check the turn to induce and bet again.

      villain: KQ, Q with hearts, the same reason checked the turn.
    • AtrociousNightmare
      Joined: 14.04.2010 Posts: 1,185

      Overall Assumptions: The play is weak, I exclude any 2Pair+ yet I don't see the river as a bluff. Mostly for the size, it's just too small. Most draws got there and Kx is not gonna fold, TT, 9x maybe, but I don't think it's enough. I'd say medium made hand.

      Preflop: Villain can isolate lightly from BU vs CO fish limp, Hero knows this and can pull off a 3b for bluff. The size doesn't convince me in being a bluff tho, it's on the small side and CO could think about calling more easily. Going more towards value, like AK given the following streets.

      Flop: Just a standard CB, tells us almost nothing.

      Turn: The check here is key. With AK it's a tough check, as hands that pay like KQ, KJ, KTs are all in villain's range, and board is relatively dangerous (less so considering 3b pot). It's also true that it's difficult to think a 3 barrel pay off from worse. On NL50 Zoom they are pretty nitty, I'd see only KQ paying 3 streets on this board, maybe. A check/raise with it would isolate against better hands, so the only option is a check/call, but twice on this board? Pretty bad considering all the possible scary cards, only with an A:heart: Hero would do it, I think. So I'm thinking more of a KJo that 3b for bluff preflop or QQ/JJ.

      River: Assuming my assumptions were correct, it's hard to think of QQ/JJ. It would be a bit too thin and a check/call would have been better maybe, and it still would be marginal (considering no opponent reads). So it's either a value bet from AK that failed to see a bet on the turn, or a very thin value bet with something like KQo/KJo, hoping to get paid from KJ/JJ/TT/KTs/T9s.

      Tough to say, but I think mostly due to preflop size and too thin river value bet I feel to exclude KJ and remain with KQo/AK.

      So my Final Guess for Hero is A:heart: Kx.


      Overall Assumptions: The turn check back suggests weakness. I exclude 2Pair+ hands as well as they would have either raised the flop or bet the turn (or raised river). Considering the call on the river, it's a medium made hand.

      Preflop: We can isolate lightly from BU vs CO fish limp, Hero can pull off a 3b for bluff so we can call a bit lighter. I automatically exclude AK/QQ+ (and JJ maybe) here as it would have been an obvious 4b/broke. Considering no 2P+ postflop, the range I see here is: TT-77, AQ, AJ, KQ, ATs, 76s+, 86s+, J8s+

      Flop + Turn: The lack of a turn bet suggests we are not floating. We must have hit either a minor draw (flush draw either raises flop or bets turn I think) or a medium point. Range: TT, 88, KQ, KJ, KTs, 86s, maybe 87s, T9s (I see this bluff-rasing the flop tho)

      River: Given how generally nitty and scared they are on NL50 I will exclude some calls that are too marginal, resulting in: KQ, KJ, KTs, TT. JJ is not to be excluded.

      A lottery really. Given how we can see that Hero rarely folds in this spot and we might think that is hardly capable of thin value betting, I would pick the highest value of those hands, KQo.

      So my Final Guess for Villain is KQo.
    • BotiaKiraly
      Joined: 18.03.2009 Posts: 461
      preflop: villain raise and hero 3bet both look like value. When villain calls we can exclude mosnters from his range, but he is still holding a strong range

      Flop: Hero bets villain calls, both can have a lot of cards

      Turn: Ch ch on this board is really weird, nice one... I don't see why hero wouldn't bet here w any made hand. so hero has A :heart: Q :heart: and villain is a notorious bluffer that attacks weakness and bets mossed missed turns. but this time goes for SDV with KJs

      River: Hero bets for value and Villain calls his smallish bet with KJs, it is in his pre calling range, no reason to b turn vs missed, and he can call a smallish bet w it OTR

      Hero: A :heart: Q :heart:
      Villain: KJs
    • rstrunc
      Joined: 24.02.2009 Posts: 66
      I guess hero could have KQ and villain KJ
    • PerusJamppa
      Joined: 18.01.2008 Posts: 2,714
      Villain: JJ
      Pre: Isolating limper and calling small 3-bet IP, nothing unusual.

      Flop: Can't fold just for one bet.

      Turn: Could try to bluff here, but because Hero have a wide range he decides to check behind (and probably call ~every river). He may also have :heart: .

      River: As planned. :)

      Hero: AA
      Pre: Bi-curious 3-bet so the limper might also call.

      Flop: Std.

      Turn: Checking for pot control.

      River: Villain didn't bet on the turn so he probably doesn't have flush, but he could call ~1/2 pot with TP, etc.

      EDIT: By the way, have you considererd giving more information (like stats or reads) about Hero and/or villains so there could be more actual hand reading. I mean now these are more or less just shots in the dark since ranges can sometimes be really wide and really different versus different players.

      This probably wouldn't help me at all, but for some real players it could be quite helpful. :f_grin:
    • adelaar
      Joined: 25.10.2013 Posts: 367
      Villain BTN 3bet range vs CO: AA-JJ AKs AQs A8s-A2s ATo A9o
      K9s-K6s KJo KTo
      Q9s Q8s QJo
      J8s J7s
      97s 86s

      Flop 6h7sKh
      Villains range: QQ-JJ A9sh K9s-K6s KJo KTo
      Qh9h 9h7h

      villain checks; his range will now be i guess
      QQ JJ K8 K7 K6 KT

      villain calls with a medium hand
      1 pair, reasonable kicker
      JJ QQ Kx KJ KT
      My answer is KJ

      Hero BB 4bet vs. CO ol and BTN 3bet: AA KK QQ JJ TT AKo AKs

      Flop 6h7sKh

      Hero bet 52% of the pot
      His range will be KK QQ JJ TT AK

      Hero checks
      he did not improve. He will not have KK
      His range will be QQ JJ TT AK

      Hero bets half of the pot for value with a medium hand
      I put him on QQ

      So my answer is:
      Hero QQ
      Villain KJ
    • GingerKid
      Joined: 05.08.2007 Posts: 5,592
      Hero has AK and is scared like s**t on turn, and bets 1/2 Pot on river for thin value vs weaker Kx, 2nd pairs. In NL50 people are not able to thin value bet KQ, so I think it is AK most of the time. Also there is a bet size tell of 1/2 pot on river, I think it is super rarely bluff for this line.

      Villian would bet his flushes on turn or if trapping raise river, would most likely bet his sets as Hero is cappt to mostly not have flushes. So it leaves him 2nd pairs and Kx. Since there are more Kx hands (the most KQ) I would guess KQ.

      Hero AK, villian KQ
    • Akime
      Joined: 24.10.2009 Posts: 28
      Hero AK
      Villain AK
    • ihatewonderbras
      Joined: 19.05.2014 Posts: 1,144
      villain ace 8..
      hero K 10
    • motzy92
      Joined: 04.10.2011 Posts: 7
      As it was played i think
      Hero: QQ
      Villain KQ

      Villain calls the 3bet after the isolation. On the flop calls the Cbet with his top pair. Both check on the 3rd suited card. Then Hero thinks he has the best Hand and valuebets.