2$-100$ 36hours sng challenge

    • raugas14
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      Hello Pokerstrategists!
      It's raugas14 (Rabby-gm5) once again with a new challenge!
      Make 100$ profit in 36hours playing only sng starting from 2$

      So i will play with 5BI brm. starting from 0.5$ 6max on FTP, and hop into the higher games once i have got 5BI for it, move down if i loose 3BI.
      Haven't played online in a long time so this will be exciting and challenging.
      Also downloaded HM2 trial so will play only 2-4 tables at a time because i need to learn to use HUD :D
      I have got lots of bets on this challenge so i will try my best!
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    • macaco2
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      Good luck.
      I think you do not succeed, but good luck again :)
    • cardman021
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      With a great BRM this is very possible. Good luck..
    • raugas14
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      Sadly i didn't succeed, still made a 61$ profit though :( yet i was just flip from a win
      I think i could have done it if FTP had more traffic or if i would have ran better it took me 7hours to grind to 7.5$ so i could play 1.5$ sng on Pokerstars. I ended up being stuck on 7$ sngs with just 40 mins left so i took my chance and went on to play 30$ sng with 108$ for the first and was just a flip away from winning this challenge i had 3.8k against 5.2k once HU, blinds 150/300 25ante, pushed with 55 got called by k8o but sadly board ran k 10 2 10 a. finished 2nd for 58$ and total profit of 61$ in 36hours. And i think i will get some bets for 10 to 200$ in sngs in 36hours so i could already start grinding at pokerstars.

      Goodluck fellow Pokerstrategists and wait for my next challenge :)