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Netbet Twister Pokr ATN !NO MAKEY DEAL!

    • sheldondarrell
      Joined: 20.10.2014 Posts: 8
      So I didn't know it was new to Netbet since I only recently joined, however their Twister poker is much like Fulltilt's Jackpot tourney and Pokerstars'Spin & Go, they are all the same game type, but due to copyright infringement laws (i'm sure) they cant call them the same thing, muchlike a zoom game is a rush game on pstars and ftlt respectively.
      Anyways, where was I going with all this?? Oh yeah, I entered one of these games on Netbet for five euros and the pool was twenty for the winner 'take all
      but after the first out of us was taken out by me, i suggested to the other guy that we split the pot and he was all about it, and I assumed that's how it would go, however when he asked me to find out how to split it, (in fulltilt there is an actual app sort of thing), so i navigated to my account and saw there was indeed an option for player tranfser and then we decided who would be the trustee and who the truster, and I figuered what the heck?, so we agreed that i would submit to him and have him player transfer me my share, ten euros. All gravy, right?
      sure, but to tranfer funds you need to know the person's netbet nickname (which is no surprise) and u need to know their email address that they signed up with,,, mine is not the same spelling and there isn't a hint as to what provider ie. @live @hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc so I got screwed outta ten euro which is like 84 thousand dollars Canadian. and the worst part is, is that I had two thirds of the chips and I know I coulda won the whole 20
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    • MaxLange
      Joined: 20.09.2014 Posts: 195
      Sad to hear, I recommend you to first learn poker, what I mean by that? - If you have a proper bankroll management you will have no problems losing or winning the first price of the tournaments you play.
    • wizo656
      Joined: 28.12.2008 Posts: 189
      I think you've made some unnecessary complications. Who splits 20€ aka 4x buy-in anyway, especially when they're ahead? But yeah, there is no splitting the money on Twisters, even when you hit the jackpot, now you know.
      Also, Netbet had Twisters before Full tilt and Pokerstars.
    • tonypmm
      Joined: 11.01.2009 Posts: 5,431
      Once at FTP, a fellow Russian asked me for a chop in a 6x $50 tourney :f_biggrin: , of course I declined because he was playing bad (partly because he was scared).

      Don't try to deal when it can't be done officially (i.e. outside of FTP). The possibility of a big prize pool should be incorporated into the bankroll guideline as said above.

      And don't ask for a deal at FTP as well unless the prize pool is 100 or more buy-ins. Doing so will be a huge tell to the opponents that you're scared, and if they're strong players, they'll start betting aggressively to exploit the fear.