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Playing hours/extreme fatigue problem

    • xmg09
      Joined: 01.01.2015 Posts: 6
      Hi. PLease read this.
      I have some serios trouble and i hope you guys can help me out a little.
      I'm playing poker for 6 months now and i have some huge problems regarding fatigue. I play for like 4-5 hours between 7-8 pm and 0-1 in the morning in one session. My usual sessions are pretty good(around 12bb/100 and playing 12-14 tables), however, if i don't sleep a stupid amount of hours,like 11 or 12 or i fall assleep after 3 in the morning, i litteraly can't play the next day. When i sleep okay i'm doing my 12bb/100 on average, even if i have a bad day(like a 5bb), i can play the 4-5 hours with no problem so in the end il get to 12bb/100. However, if i sleep only 8-9h, or if i go to sleep after 3-4 in the morning(when i fall asleep so late i can sleep even 12 h i still can't play) i play horibly, most of the times i lose 3-4 stacks in less than 45 mins , and if don't quit or come back later to play i lose even more, and the thing is i'm never angry or upset or anything like that,i'm just so tired that i make a series of incredibly stupid reads( like i have an over and sone extremely nitty guy check raises me on a flop with some draws and i go all in even though he obliosly was set mining and go there, or if i'm the blinds and some nit raises from the button and i stupidtly think he tries to steal my blinds so i end up going all in before the flop with some AT 88 kind of a hand in 3bet then he 4 bets i shove scenario). And the stupid thing i have a hud with 12 stats on hit, i have all that i need to play corectly ,i'm just so fatigued its like im literaly drunk. That makes my game really painful cause i play like 3 days straitght good with the 12bb/100 and then in 4th day if i don't sleep enough(whitch i think is a lot) or i fall asleep to late i go on the usual X stacks loss and instead of making a good 4 day run i cancel the day before with this loss.
      This is it pretty much, i play 5-6 days a week, but every single week i cancel a day or 2 with the big lose or i'm i know i'm too tired and i don't play the day with is not that painful as losing so much but its still a big lose if i don't get the hours in.
      So guys, anyone can give me some advice, should i swich my hours and play from like 4-5 in the noon to 10 in the evening so i can always go to sleep before 12 lets say(there are not so many recreational players and the bb/100 is lower but if i play all dayes its still better), should i do more exercise maybe(and by more i mean actualy do some exercise because i sit on my a$$ prety much all day every day), should i go to sleep and wake up at exactly the same hour every day? or something else like vitamins or something.
      Please if you any advice that can help me its greatly apreciated. Thanx in advance guys.[/b]
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    • LemOn36
      Joined: 07.02.2009 Posts: 2,087
      Hey man this is completely natural, nobody plays their A game even majority of the time. here are some tips that helped me:

      1) Play shorter sessions. Or get breaks in every set time if you need to play for long hours
      You can use this free thingy if you struggle:
      you put in main session lenght+long break and short break time.

      2) Cut tables. It lowers fatigue a ton when you have less tables to focus on and longer time to think through decisions. Makes poker generally less stressful/you can play more hours while learning more.

      3) Do a lot of Excercise, Walks, forced socialising, meditation... those things release hormones and help keep your body in balance, lowering stress naturally. Start seeing these things as something that adds to your green line and you make money with. Often times you make more money on average by taking a walk to a new park than actually grinding, because then your quality of play is better for hours.
      Failing that, you can still grind a lot without doing this stuff but then scheduled days off at least are a way to offset the stress. I'm going the route of variety right now because I embrace the poker lifestyle - going to culture/walks/forcing myself into social situations ... But before that like 7 months back where I didn't do this I had a day off every week where I took care of all chores/cleaning/shopping etc. without touching poker and then went to Sauna+pool to clean my head.

      3) For vitamins I found B12 hyperdose helps be focus more, learned to stay off caffeine. Healthy diet and what you eat day to day is a huge thing I frankly struggle with and will have massive impacts on your energy levels.

      4) Probably the most important piece of advice - don't feel bad because you tilt. That is part of you and you are human. There will never be a golden pill that'll solve anything overnight, just accept how things are, try to become shameless - your overall game is not 12bb/100, it's whatever it actually adjusted for variance because you will never separate your worst game from your best. All you can do is just focus on making little steps every day to become a bit better and through that hard work results will eventually come and you will (slowly) become better and better.