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+++ Staking rules for English community +++

    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,770
      Rules for staking requests in the English community

      The following guidelines will hopefully improve the quality of stake request and somewhat screen the stakees but the responsibility lies fully and exclusively in the potential staker to check and judge whether the stakee is trustworthy and reliable.

      The rules are applicable for any new stakes request or any stakes request that have not received an offer yet. Any stake request not following the guidelines will be either closed or requested to be modified at our discretion.

      Important: cannot be held responsible for Deals and Stakes between members and will not aid in investigation of problems or potential fraud cases.

      Rules to follow:

      1) The title needs to be in the following format:

      Type of stake CG, SNG, MTT
      BAP or long term
      Limit played and amount requested

      2) Requests need to be made in English and Stakees must create a separate thread in Staking: Discussion and Feedback and link it in his staking application. There is only one feedback thread per member allowed.

      • Any member seeking a stake must have a minimum of 300 posts within the English Community, but this is determined at a moderator's discretion whether it is enough or not based on whether the user has spammed to reach this number or contributed to the community
      • Members with Bronze status or higher are allowed to create staking requests.
      • Members with Bronze status or higher are allowed to create staking offers as long as they themselves have 100 posts in the English Community.
      • Stakers cannot dictate where stakees play. All offers will be vetted by Offers will be rejected if there is evidence that these terms and conditions have been breached.
      • Stakes cannot be advertised outside of our partner rooms. Other rakeback/affiliate deals included will be rejected.
      • Employees of cannot be staked or stake others.
      • Members with Coach- or Moderator avatar can only be staked or stake others upon sending their application to HeadAdmin Marta and be approved before placing the stake.

      3) No coaching offers are allowed by stables to advertise in the English Community. Only coaches are allowed to advertise coaching as part of their offering.

      3.a). No promotion of staking stables except for SpinLegends. This includes but is not limited to: posts, avatar images, signatures, crosslinking to Twitch channels containing competitors' links
      3.b). No private staking offers - no investors seeking "horses" allowed to advertise

      4)Posting of contact details is not permitted in the staking forum. First contact must be made through our community tool. For more information see: *** IMPORTANT: Contact details and first contact ***

      5) The relevant screennames must be posted. Also, the screename of stakees can be disclosed by other members in the designated subforum.

      6) The amount requested must be adequate and relevant. (eg you dont need a 100BI to play 100SNG if you are a winning player).

      7) The actual deal must be worded clearly including rakeback, stakeback, percentage, bonuses, mark up, make up, how many tournaments, SNG or Hands will be played during stake, timescale of stake but also sponsorship/ followup tournaments etc if applicable

      8) You must clearly state why you want / need a stake

      9) No begging

      10) No excessive bumping (we will not accept bumping to always make your post to the top of the page)

      11) Do NOT send members not having explicitly shown interest in the request unsolicited PMs for stakes

      12) Only 1 stake request per thread

      13) Moderator will quote opening post for reference. any change of the opening post for personal gain or advantage will not be tolerated and OP will be added to the blacklist and not allowed to request for stakes again

      14 )Threads or single posts in the subforum might be closed or deleted, but the OP (original creator of the thread) has no right to request this.

      15 )Stakees can only have one application running at any one time. The stake must be finished in order to open another stake.
      To be considered "Finished" one of the following must occur:
      A post from the applicant stating that the application is Abandoned for lack of interest, or Withdrawn due to a change in circumstances.
      The Final Result are posted in the application, along with the amounts due each staker AND a statement to the effect that the money has been sent.
      An exception to the "One person On Stake" rule may be made by applying to the staking moderators before applying for the stake. An exception will be made if and only if ALL of the following are true:
      The applicant has a history of positive feedback.
      The request is for a single event that begins and ends during the period covered by an existing application
      All payouts from all previous stakes have been make.

      16) Every thread must contain the disclaimer that is in the message field by default. ( I have read and accepted the staking rules. By posting in this thread, every member acknowledges the same. )

      17 ) reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time.

      18 )It is not permitted to seek staking outside of the staking forum.

      Below the quote of the reference we will add the following disclaimer:

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    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,770
      Example of staking thread, a little bit of humour along the way

      HollyMichelle, Diamond member, 18500+ posts.

      Selling 1% of Irish Masters, 27th April 2014


      Hi my name is Gary and I am a MTT player.


      I am looking for a 1% staking in the Irish masters this month and I will be selling at 1.5. This means that for this €100 event you will be paying €1.50 for the 1% which I believe offers great value.


      I have played 50 sessions of live poker this year and made a profit of €8500 which is 82 buy ins. References for this can be YellowStill, MikeSP and IreneY who are all gold members in the English Community.

      Online I have played over 100k hands on the ipoker network under the alias ohnonotme. Here is my graph.

      I will be updating my Twitter (@icwhatudidthere) during the tournament and afterwards I will post a full tournament report on this thread.

      Any questions regarding the tournament or myself, feel free to ask and I will hopefully give you a suitable reply.


      1% = €1.50
      By it shows that €1.50 = $2.40

      Please send to “ThatsNotMyName” (Gibraltar) on PokerStars.

    • TJtheTJ
      Joined: 12.10.2011 Posts: 6,770
      Staking Forum - Introduction

      Basic Principles
      There are three basic principles in the staking forum that are valid without exception:

      1) takes no responsibility for staking deals between members.

      2) will not aid in investigation of problems or potential fraud cases. We will not give away any personal data of a potential "suspect".

      3) A member that wants to be staked must create a feedback thread in Staking: Discussion and Feedback and link it in his application. While this thread might be closed or deleted by the moderation team, the creator has no right to request so. In this thread, feedback about the creator will be left unchanged as long as it is otherwise within the board rules.

      Everyone that offers himself for staking in this forum agrees that feedback about his person will be publicly viewable on

      What is staking?

      Staking describes deals in which one person gives another money to participate in tournaments or cash games. The most frequent reasons for staking are insufficient bankrolls or variance. Usually, the winnings are split in predetermined percentages.

      Staking - Hints and Tips

      Make sure you and your staking partner agree on the following things beforehand:

      • For which tournament or time frame is the staking deal valid? What amount is the stakers participation?
      • How is the stakers share determined? Who receives what percentage?
      • Are bonuses, rakeback and other promotions included in the deal?
      • What about other expenses of the stakee? (travel expenses, cashout fees, etc.)
      • What if a player doesn't participate in the tournament / doesn't play enough for a cash game staking?
      • How are the winnings paid out to the staker? (Moneybookers, poker room, bank transfer, etc.)

      Tips for stakers

      Before you stake someone you should:
      • Know your partner's personal details
      • Have a copy of the passport / ID card
      • Have your partners landline number (and test it)
      • Have a verified Email address (i.e. the address from which he sent his passport / ID card)

      The staking should be fixed in a contract. This doesn't have to be a hard copy with signatures; an email is sufficient. The staker should receive an email from the stakee in which he states the conditions of the staking deal as well as his agreement for these terms.

      Tips for staking applications

      In order for your staking applications to be more successful, they should contain your screen name(s), graphs, results and/or other references.
    • Marta
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      3.a). No promotion of staking stables except for SpinLegends. This includes but is not limited to: posts, avatar images, signatures, crosslinking to Twitch channels containing competitors' links
      3.b). No private staking offers - no investors seeking "horses" allowed to advertise

      Please note that due to our partnership with SpinLegends, we have added the above points to our rules.
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