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Pot Odds

    • gchain
      Joined: 09.05.2010 Posts: 10
      When we use the ratio method, it appears to me that we are wasting important data in our approximations.

      For example, in the strategy tutorial for pot odds, the question is:

      - Do we make a lucrative call on our draw?

      . We hold 54 clubs suited.
      . The board is: Qs 7h 6h

      The pot is 8$ and the opponent bets 2$.

      Q: The answer given to this question is that Calling and Folding hold the same value, based on pot odds.
      We need pot odds better than 5-1.
      We have 8 outs out of 47 cards, that is roughly 5-1.
      So the odds are the same.

      However, I don't believe in this explanation based on these stats:
      8/47 = approx 0,17%
      10/2 = 5 --> 1/5 = 0,20% --> We pay 20% of the total to get 10$

      In order to be lucrative or at least break even we should be paying only (in the minimum for break even) 0,17% of the total.
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