Hello from Finland

    • ulikiluu
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      Hello from Finland!

      I've played some play money games and freerolls through the years, but finally decided to deposit some money at the beginning of this year. I deposited $50 to UltimateBet and lost them quite fast. Few months later my friend introduced me here to PokerStrategy.com and I got my free $50 bankroll at Pokerstars and started learning to play better.

      It's been couple months now since I joined here and I'm happy to say the strategies have been really helpful. At first I struggled a bit playing fixed limit, but it wasn't for me and I changed to NL SSS. Now I'm doing well and have managed to get to $250. I'd like to change to NL SH BSS, but I'll need to get some more BR before that, because I don't want to play micro limits with it.

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi ulikiluu & welcome. Good to see you posting.

      Sounds to me that you are already very disciplined in your BRM and doing well at SSS. Keep it going my friend.

      I think your right to not rush upwards too quick, some people have experienced quite a downswing when first stepping up a level and you don't want to waste your existing gains & have to drop back down again. I'm sure you will however reach a comfortable level soon with the discipline that you are showing.

      Wishing you every success, good luck buddy.

    • SoyCD
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      Hey ulikiluu and welcome!

      We have a flourishing Finnish community (http://fi.pokerstrategy.com/news/) and a lot of great players come from there :)

      Good to see you have been doing well and I hope you continue to do so!

      Best of luck and regards,