Should I have a 3-bet fold range, 4-bet fold range?

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      I am just wondering what your opinions are on 3-bet folding. I am under the impression that you should fold so little to a 3-bet. Of course there are some exceptions when you feel villain likely has your outs nutted in hands, for example you hold KKAx and 3-bet and are then 4-bet by a nit 11/9 who 3-bets 2% as it is likely this is AAxx where your A outs are dead and KK is in terrible shape. Is there any other premise for having a 3-bet fold range and or any spots where you 4-bet fold.

      If I 3-bet a run down in the SB for example and get 4-bet from UTG opener should I fold (100bb deep) or call and make SPR ~ 1. I am just saying this as I am going to be missing flops so often that I am just curious to here other peoples opinions.

      If you flat 4-bet with a run down T987, board comes T6x or 72Q do we call a shove on the flop?
      - Being against a tight player with 3-bet of 2-5% how does that effect us?
      - Being against a lag player with 3-bet > 15% how does that effect us?

      If we do not call a pot bet when we flop a pair or more is it not better that we just take a flip preflop?
      Any opinions are good to hear.
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