Destroyer of Bankrolls (auto-login edition)

    • Drew94
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      So my dad logged on to one of my poker accounts, sat down at a 200 euro and 200 pound table & managed to demolish half my bankroll in one night. :pokerface:

      Nice! :D

      I sent him my old laptop and I accidentally left Titan Poker installed on it (we live a few hundred miles apart). It probably doesn't help that he's a huge fish at poker, too!! :f_o:

      I was furious when I logged in & saw half my bankroll had vanished, but I'm sure the 200NL regulars were happy about it!

      /LOL. Any similar stories?
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    • Lazza61
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      I love the story about a woman who was down to the last 7 in the Sunday Million when her cat jumped on her keyboard and put her all in (she lost). Don't know if it's true or not.
    • tonypmm
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      The lesson about turning the auto-login off for all poker/money-related accounts has been learned the hard way, but you have learned it finally... Use one of the many password managers if you like.