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wrong winning calculation

    • stefu
      Joined: 09.03.2007 Posts: 98
      Hi there,

      just installed Elephant 0.67. Created a database, imported some hands (just a few because a did not play for a long time and lost all my old hands). Everything works fine, HUD is displayed and I'm happy. There is one exception. ;)

      When I click 'Overview' it shows me a negativ overall winning which is not true (played since 25th Dec and won about 2-3$). When I click 'Hands' I see all my Hands played and the Hand-Overview on the right side is correct for every hand. But on the left side, the earned $ and BigBlinds collumns are incorrect by sometimes showing wins as losses.

      Here is a screenshot of the 'Hands'-tab. The Screenshot shows one of the hands I played and won.

      Click Here for Screenshot
      (I didn't img the shot because it's big and I won't mess up the thread :D )

      Is there an option I should have activated/deactivated or something like that?

      edit: I fixed the URL, we're currently moving our Server and the Domains are not yet moved ;)
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    • Wolf0815
      Joined: 05.11.2008 Posts: 7

      I'm seeing the same problem.

      A bit more information from my side:
      - running elephant 0.67 on Windows XP
      - I'm have only hands from PartyPoker
      - the wrong imports happened at the installation of the elephant, later games seem to be interpreteded correctly
      - I have seen the problem only on FL hands (I have not played NL before installing the elephant, so this may not a correct indication)
      - only wins were counted as losses, not the other way round
      - it seems that almost every win is counted as loss during the initial import, I have only 1 win that is reported correctly while the wrongly interpreted wins are >20

      is there a way to manually adjust the results or reimport the hand?
      (Without manually messing with the postgresql database I mean)

    • stefu
      Joined: 09.03.2007 Posts: 98
      Ok, at least I'm not alone. ;) Sorry, forgot to include my specs:

      I'm running on XP and the wrong winning classification seems to be only at installation (i.e. for the hands that happenend before the installation). And I also got some correct winnings, all losses are correct, but some winnings are counted as losses.

      I'm playing on NL, so this is not just a FL or NL problem...
      I currently have arround 3k hands and they are all correct, just the first 20 or so contain these sort of errors.

      Ah and btw, I cleared the whole database and reimported all hands, didn't help anything, the same hands are still classified wrong...