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Turning 0$ into WSOP trip

    • Mantelo
      Joined: 12.05.2009 Posts: 825
      Hello my friends :f_thumbsup:
      As the title suggests, I‘ve made myself a challenge for the next 6 months to work out into WSOP 2016. To make it more interesting, I will start on Pokerstars with Zero in my account! Usually I don‘t set monetary goals but this time I want to visualize a framework & motivating structure to push even further.

      Profit Reward Goal type
      5k Trip to Las Vegas Minimum goal
      5k – 7k Colossus Main goal
      7k – 11k Million maker Main goal
      11k – 15k Monster stack Main goal
      15k – 30k Depending on schedule Extra goal
      30k Main Event Utopia

      Last year I won a package to Las Vegas which was my best Poker Trip for sure. As a cash game player, most of the time I had spent at MGM Casino playing cash and only played 1 Turbo event so in reality I didn‘t feel the spirit of WSOP. This year I want to sense more! As soon as (If) I reach my 5k milestone, I will buy a flight ticket to LV, and after every next milestone I will reward myself with a Tournament Ticket. Just in case I bink some Sunday Million, then I could buy a seat into Main event :f_biggrin:

      So what‘s the plan?

      I‘ve just noticed that I‘m 60 000 Strategy Points short of Reaching Black Member Status here. I‘ve read about some changes in Black Member system so I‘m not sure if there is any direct benefit in achieving it. However it would insist me on playing all year, hence that‘s my 2nd goal of 2016.

      3rd goal – Visit 6 countries
      Last year I have visited Poland, USA, Malta, Croatia & Czech Republic. Last 4 were all won packages while a visit to Poland was organized by Lithuanian Sports Poker Federation to compete against Polish team (We won btw ^^). This year I want to add one more destination, preferrably one which I have never been before. At this time I still have one package to Malta 11th March and I hope it‘s not the last one :f_grin:

      4th goal – Shift my weight towards 85 kg

      The unusual thing is that I want to gain, not lose :f_ugly: At the moment of writing I only have 76,8 kg of myself :f_confused: So for every single month I would like to gain close to 1 kg. Still have no specific plan on how to do this, but I will work on it this month.

      5th goal – Rewatch PokerStrategy Psychology videos

      Probably my biggest advantage over the other players is my mental side of the game. Although I had no mental issues with poker and enjoyed my life most of the times before, my breakthrough was after I read Schnitzelfisch‘s guide about productivity
      The Quick Guide to Skyrocketing Your Poker and Life Productivity
      Since then my days became more organized, I‘ve done more tasks than in the past and loved my life even more! I don‘t want to lose this edge so mental lessons will be my priority this year. Pitty that PokerStrategy don‘t produce new psychology videos ant at the moment there is about 30 h video material (hence about 1 hour studying per week for the year), so will have to look for additional material elsewhere as well.

      6th goal – Read 12 books not related to poker

      To be honest, books were abandoned by me over the last years. But Schnitzelfisch‘s guide restored me in the correct path and now I dedicate one hour to reading every single morning. I struggled to wake up early in the past, but now I get up at 6 a.m. with no much effort :challenge:

      7th goal – Set up a football team
      Yap, my competitiveness in poker came from football. I‘ve played in Lithuanian League 1 in my final years of school, but I was neither Ronaldo nor Messi so decided to follow the paths of education. Now I still play in Sunday league but my passion was always about managing a club. Maybe this is the year to put my manager skills to the test? :f_cool:

      I have couple more goals for 2016 in my PaperBook, but they are either too personal (like relationships with my girlfriend) or too difficult to judge on (like learning French). And I‘m sure to add more, at least monthly goals, as soon as I move from freeroll Zone :f_p:

      So goals are set, Green light turned on & ready to go!

      Good Luck all in 2016! :f_thumbsup:
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