Question about Pokerstars and installation

    • ttrp
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      Alright. Around the end of last month, I registered this account, passed the quiz(first try! :tongue: ) and used the site to register at pokerstars. Well it has almost been a month, and I had not recieved capital. On these forums I realized there is a problem with pokerstars and

      Anyways, the problem is not the technical issue. Upon talking to support, I realized that I had not followed the guide completely, I had downloaded Pokerstars previously, but had made my stars account following PokerStrategy.

      Will I have to make a new Pokerstars account to get the capital? or will it go to the one I have set up if I download the program again with PS?

      if i would have to make a new account.. am I allowed to change which pokerroom(FTP for example) I will recieve my capital on?
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