Four card straight...

    • DrRaab
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      Having a little conversation the other night with a mate of mine and we got talking about the above title.

      as we all know a four card straight would be:

      9 T J Q

      However when we were talking we couldn't decide if you'd call a board as below a four card straight:

      9 T J K

      Only bits i've seen to do with 4 card straights have been when they are in sequence.
      Would you guys still call 9 T J K a four card straight? Or as my mate wanted to call it a four card gut shot!
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    • la55i
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      In Texas Holdem there is no such hand. I agree that when there is 4 cards in a row we could call it 4 card straight when we are discussing about a hand. When the board is 9 T J K there is no 4 cards in a row = it is not a 4 card straight and for sure it is not a 4 card gut shot because it is just rediculous :)

      In a game where 4 card straight is a made hand we could call that 4 card gut shot.
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