can i beat?

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    • johnbeattie85
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      No it's not +EV to play without stats. As to whether it's profitable -

      NL25 probably in general.

      NL50 depends on the site.
    • slikec
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      I played NL25/NL50 and a little NL100 without stats at ipoker, everest, Stars and FTP.

      NL20/25 is easy beatable-> 5-7BB/100hands over nice hand sample. NL50 is a bitch and NL100 is even harder- played both more or less break even only bonuses add me some money.

      O yea somehow NL25 at Stars i have -2BB over 60k hands ;( Stars are just really f*cking strange site for me. I got so many bad beats there sometimes in row which made me tilt away additional money :D So now i play more or less only few tourneys per month at Stars ;) - they also have crapy rake back deals for even medium volume NL players(which i would say i am).
    • Meiffert
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      It's +EV if you are able to beat the game. :)
      I guess you are asking whether these limits are beatable with the shortstack strategy even without detailed information about other players. Yes, it is. :)

      I played NL20/25 on Pokerstars, iPoker (weird place, there are 5+ shortstacks at every table, but so many so terrible players that basicly anytime you get AA/KK you manage to go broke against any pair or Ace...) and PartyPoker and lately I've been playing NL50 on Pokerstars.
      All this seems to be beatable with a little advanced SSS (it's enough to use the knowledge from silver articles and videos).
      But it's true that I don't play 10+ tables or something like that, so I usually notice something very unusual like very loose players or players stealing 50+ % from LP and such).

      Good luck!